Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698: Bastards! Ill Kill Them!
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"What did you say? Kidnapped? When did this happen?"

Xing Wu was wiping the sweat off his forehead. "E-evening... About 6 o'clock"

"What the heck?! Why are you only telling us now when it happened in the evening? Tell us every single detail about the whole situation now!" Lu Jingli howled as he asked anxiously.

Lu Tingxiao did not say a thing after Xing Wu spoke. His dark eyes were like an enormous abyss. He then spoke in an icy-cold tone that could make a soul shiver. "Are they still alive?"

The rampaging Lu Jingli froze when he heard his brother's question as if blood had been sucked out from his whole body.

They had kept this matter that happened in the evening a secret probably so as not to bother his brother at such a crucial time. However, why were they now so desperate to let them know?

Something must have happened


Xing Wu knelt down, his trembling lips finally blurting out, "Currently... unknown"

Lu Jingli yelled angrily, "There's only alive or dead! What do you mean by 'unknown'?!"

"Their aim... doesn't seem to be to threaten us... It's" Xing Wu could not continue, but Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli understood what he was trying to say.

The opponent wanted their lives!

A dreadful silence lingered in the air.

Lu Tingxiao made a phone call and issued an order with a deadpan tone, then he spoke to Xing Wu, "Tell me the whole story from the beginning."

Xing Wu started, "We were ambushed when we left Fahua Temple. The driver had been bribed. Little Master was taken away in a helicopter. As for Ms. Ning Xi... she forced herself onto the helicopter and followed them"

Lu Jingli's eyes turned red. "Sister-in-law must've been worried about Little Treasure being alone, so she followed him!"

Lu Tingxiao had no expression on his face as usual. He then made another phone call.

Lu Chongshan's weak voice came through the phone. "Hello, Tingxiao... I'm sorry... It's Father's fault... Quickly"

Lu Tingxiao interrupted him, "Send me the recording of the video call."

Lu Chongshan was stunned. After some time, he replied, "Okay."

Although Lu Tingxiao was not sure about the whole situation, he already predicted that they had made a video call.

However, if Lu Tingxiao saw that video

"You don't have to worry that I can't take it." Lu Tingxiao hung up after saying.

Lu Chongshan stared blankly at his phone. If possible, he would prefer that his son never saw that scene, but there might be important hints in the video.

Soon, Lu Tingxiao received a notification on his phone, indicating that there was a video file in his inbox.

Lu Tingxiao played the video.

As they watched it till the end, Lu Jingli punched the wall beside him. There was blood on his fist as he snarled, "Bastards! I'll kill them!"

Lu Tingxiao looked like a cold machine made of steel with no emotions whatsoever in him. He did not display any sentiments and just watched the video quietly.

They heard the loud noise at the very end and watched the thick wall behind the girl explode and cover the girl's body. Blood soaked the ground below the girl.

After a while, two masked men in black suits walked out slowly and crudely dragged the girl out from the rubble.

Her body was covered in blood as she maintained a fetal position until the very end. She had taken on all the damages and protected the child in her arms.
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