Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699: Please Be Alright
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Even Xing Wu's eyes teared up, yet Lu Tingxiao still had no expression whatsoever.

"Bro" Lu Jingli freaked out when he noticed how calm his brother was at this moment.

It might be better if he was exploding furiously or hopping mad, but now

After the video finished, Lu Tingxiao turned to Lu Jingli and said, "I'm sorry."

There was a loud noise outside the window. A helicopter closed in and was hovering near the company building.

Lu Tingxiao took a last look at the video, then he kissed the screen. After that, he jumped onto the helicopter from the balcony.

Lu Jingli clenched his fists tightly as he stared in the direction where the helicopter flew off to.

He knew that Lu Tingxiao had apologized because he had to leave then. The apology was for abandoning his family and the company for Ning Xi and Little Treasure.

Lu Jingli rubbed his tearful eyes and turned away.

Bastard! Why did you apologize?! Why do you care about the company now when your wife and child are in danger?! That was not how a person was supposed to think!

Xiao Xi Xi

Little Treasure

Please be alright

If not, he really would not know what would become of his brother.

There were four people on the helicopter Lu Tingxiao was on. Three of them were his people. There was the pilot, two people who were scouting for the location, and the last one was Tang Lang.

Tang Lang watched the video in Lu Tingxiao's phone repeatedly. He shook his head apologetically. "I've never seen this place before and I'm not sure where is it... but timing-wise, it shouldn't be very far. It's surely not within the country as they were able to use so many weapons. We can check the small countries nearby. It's just a matter of time."

Tang Lang's expression changed when he realized that the toughest issue was time itself.

Little Junior Sister could not wait!

From the video, Little Junior Sister must have been injured gravely assuming she was still alive. She could not last much longer

And also, there was Little Treasure whose condition was unknown.

There were so many countries around, and most of them had complex terrains as well. It was not an easy feat to search for that small plot of land shown in the video!

He was worried that Little Junior Sister and Little Treasure were already

Tang Lang looked at the man beside him nervously in reverence.

His most beloved woman and his only son had fallen victim to something like this, and they might already be dead, yet he had neither lost control nor broken down.

Time passed by slowly.

After checking a few places, even using all the networks available, they were not able to locate where the place was.

It was midnight in the video. Most of the places were pitch black except for the places that had been lit up, so it was difficult to identify the location.

The opponent must have picked the most clandestine place to torture them. It would not be easy to find it.

Soon, ten minutes passed.

Lu Tingxiao closed his eyes and remained stationary. He seemed to be concentrating and calming himself down to think

After a short while, Lu Tingxiao opened his eyes and took out his phone. He sent an email and made a phone call.

Tang Lang noticed he did not look for a name in his contact list. Instead, he dialed a bunch of numbers, and oddly enough, this number was a little familiar to Tang Lang
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