Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1704

"No, no, Madam... It's not like what you saw. Even though... We can't say that they're definitely... dead..." Xing Wu could not continue anymore.

Anyone knew that in such a horrible situation as that, there was a very low likelihood of the two of them surviving, especially the girl.

"My Little Treasure is dead... My good grandson... Little Treasure is dead..." Yan Ruyi stared blankly, muttering this over and over again until her panic-stricken helplessness reached its peak.

"My fault... It's my fault... I killed Little Treasure! Why did I take Little Treasure from Ning Xi? If it had been Ning Xi who carried Little Treasure, then he definitely wouldn't have been snatched away... I didn't carry Little Treasure tightly... I let him get taken away... I killed Little Treasure... I killed my grandson... It was me... Ahhhh!!!"

Yan Ruyi broke down and wailed out loud as she kept hitting her own chest. She almost could not catch her breath from choking on her sobs. "Grandmother killed you... It was Grandmother who killed you, my Little Treasure..."

Lu Chongshan pulled his collapsing wife into his arms. "Ruyi! Ruyi! It's not your fault! It's not your fault, you hear me? It's me... Everything started because of me... If someone's to be at fault, it would be me... I'm sorry... Sorry... I've let all of you down... let Little Treasure down..."

"Uncle Lu, Aunty Lu... What's wrong?" At the door came Guan Ziyao's voice and behind her was Father Guan, Mother Guan, and Guan Ziyao's older brother, Guan Zihao.

When Yan Ruyi saw Guan Ziyao, there was suddenly an immense hatred that exploded out of her. She ran to Guan Ziyao all of a sudden and slapped her hard on the face. She yanked her hair and pushed her to the floor.

"You evil woman! Give me back Little Treasure! Give me back Little Treasure! Ning Xi already rescued Little Treasure, then passed him to you! Why didn't you start driving to get Little Treasure away? Why didn't you save Little Treasure? Why did you hand my grandson over to those gangsters?! Why did you kill my Little Treasure?!"

"No, Aunty Lu, I didn't... I was just too frightened to respond then. It really wasn't intentional... Aunty, you have to believe me..."

"I want to kill you... Kill you!"

Yan Ruyi's grace and grandeur had vanished at this point. She was like a mad woman, pulling on Guan Ziyao and not letting go.

It was a while before everyone else returned to their senses from the sudden turn of events. They quickly consoled her and it was terribly chaotic.

"Doctor! Quickly call the doctor over! Inject Madam with a tranquilizer!" Lu Chongshan shouted.

The torment went on for a long time before Yan Ruyi was finally pulled away. She was held down for the doctor to inject her with a tranquilizer, then all became quiet again.

Guan Ziyao's cheeks were swollen and her hair messy. There were bloody scratches on her skin where it was exposed. Mother Guan supported her up as she stood there in a daze. "I'm sorry, Uncle Lu... I'm sorry... It really wasn't intentional... It's all my fault..."

Lu Chongshan had no energy to comfort Guan Ziyao. He looked weary as he said, "Something's happened to Little Treasure, so Ruyi is emotionally very stirred up."

Guan Rui's eyes shifted and he quickly went up to ask, "Earlier, she said that Little Treasure has been killed. What did she mean? Could Little Treasure already be..."

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