Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705: Wait To Become The Lady of The Lu House
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Could Little Treasure be dead?!

When they heard this, Guan Ziyao, Guan Zihao, and Mother Guan all looked at Lu Chongshan.

Lu Chongshan seemed horrible as he vaguely answered, "Little Treasure's current situation is still unclear. Tingxiao has already gone to look for them."

Still unclear?

That included... whether life or death was unpredictable, and everything pointed to disaster?

Something flashed in Guan Rui's eyes and he said with a sorrowful expression, "It's all because our Ziyao is a girl, and a timid one at that. She couldn't help then, so she's been blaming herself for a long time since she returned home. She's been really worried that's why she came over to check on this. We're really sorry!"

Guan Zihao comforted, "Uncle Lu, we're very sad about Little Treasure's mishap too. Please take care of yourself. The entire Lu family and company is still counting on you! If there's anything you need our help with, feel free to let us know, Uncle Lu. We'll definitely do all we can if it's something we can help with!"

"Thank you, but we don't need it for now. Our apologies that we're unable to tend to guests today. Please return home first," Lu Chongshan simply said, indicating for them to leave.


Outside the Lu residence.

When they got into the car, Mother Guan's expression immediately changed. Her heart ached as she checked the injuries on Guan Ziyao. "Damn it! Isn't that Yan Ruyi an heiress from a prestigious family? How is she a dame? She's practically a shrew! Look at how she hit our Ziyao! She was so vicious with the hits!"

"Forget it. Their only beloved grandson has died. It's normal to become a little crazy," said Guan Rui, sounding like he was in a very good mood.

"Didn't they say it was still unclear? How do you know he's dead?" Mother Guan asked.

"Don't you know Lu Chongshan by now? He must've delayed and hidden it from Lu Tingxiao to protect the company. Then, he compelled the other end until they killed the hostage. Otherwise, why do you think Yan Ruyi was so stirred up? Something must've happened, and everything points to disaster!" Guan Rui analyzed.

"Then... what about Ning Xi?" Guan Ziyao's expression was gloomy as she touched her swollen cheeks to ask.

On the side, Guan Ziyao said, "The little prince has died. She's just an unimportant person. Do you think she'd live? Obviously, she would have died sooner!"

"But that woman's pretty skilled... Wouldn't she ruin their plans?" Guan Ziyao asked worriedly.

Guan Zihao raised his brows. "Are you kidding? As skilled as that woman may be, she's just a woman. What could she possibly do facing the group of kidnappers? You should just wait to become the lady of the Lu house!"

"Sadly, this incident has caused Aunty Lu to misunderstand me..." Guan Ziyao was concerned.

Mother Guan said without being concerned in the least, "Silly girl, she's just grieving right now from losing her grandson. Wait till you give birth to another one for her. Then, how could she not like you? She'll still cup you in her hands like a treasure! A mother's honor increases with her son. These words will work anywhere!

"That was why I said that Lu Tingxiao's illegitimate child must not be kept! The Lu family values this child so much that they'd leave all their family property to him in the future. Then, wouldn't our marriage connection with the Lu family be a huge loss? Even if nothing happens to the child this time, we must think of ways to get rid of him in the future. This time, we managed to save ourselves the trouble. In fact, we killed two birds with one stone -- even that woman has been disposed of!"

Guan Zihao laughed, "Mother is right, Sister! Don't worry too much. Let's go home and celebrate tonight! Tomorrow, we should be able to hear the 'good news' about that little child!"
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