Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709: Is She Going To Run Off?
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In the footage, Ning Xi was dragged out from under the rubble by two mercenaries.

The girl was beaten black and blue, and drenched in blood. You could not tell if she was dead or alive. Little Treasure, who was in her embrace, had his face covered in blood too. No one could not tell if it was his or Ning Xi's blood.

One of the mercenaries kicked Ning Xi and cursed, "Slut! You caused two of our bros to die!"

Beside him, the other mercenary said impatiently, "Enough crap! The higher-ups have ordered us to cut her up into pieces! Quickly do it! Avoid any undue delay that may bring trouble!"

"Tsk, tsk! The most interesting part about cutting them up is when they wake up... when it's still happening, and to let them watch helplessly as their flesh gets sliced piece by piece until only the bone is left... until they die. Now, it's really boring... but what do you think Lu Chongshan's reaction will be when he sees his grandson become a pile of ground meat?"

These atrocious mercenaries were mostly mentally morbid. They were crazy and blood-thirsty. Torturing people for fun was a sport to them. At this moment, they looked very excited.

"Sadly, this one's a beauty. With her skills, if she had left this child behind, she would've had a chance to escape. Tsk, tsk... Ladies first, we'll start with you first..." The mercenary held a knife that flashed in the cool light and smiled grimly as he moved closer to the girl.

Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen, who were staring at the screen, suddenly changed in expression when they saw this scene. They could not hear the sound from the surveillance footages, but once they zoomed into the footage, they could roughly understand their conversation by reading their lips.

The mercenary inched closer to Ning Xi and revealed a sinister and elated expression. He casually slit Ning Xi's arm with a knife and blood instantly gushed out.

As he was about to continue, he suddenly thought of something and temporarily stopped what he was doing. Then, he took out an item from his pocket.

It was a silver whistle the size of a thumb, and it had a simple design carved on it.

He had found this whistle on the woman previously, and because he recognized this design bore weight of some important connections, he had secretly kept it.

The mercenary looked at the totem, then at the woman. He hesitated.

Why would this woman have such an item? Could she be... related to that legendary family?

But this was not possible...

Then, how would this thing have appeared on her then?

There were extremely few people who knew the symbol of this totem. It would not have randomly appeared on a whistle. Also, what was it used for?

The mercenary became more and more curious. He tried to hold the whistle up and lightly blow it. It seemed to be made like a whistle that was solid instead, yet there was no sound at all.

Then, he fumbled with the whistle and continued to carefully examine it...

"Hey! What are you dilly-dallying for?!"

It was only when someone urged him that the mercenary put the whistle back into his pocket. "Pfft! What's the rush? Like seriously! Is she going to run off?!"

Forget it! Whatever background this girl had or whichever family she was related to, she had to die that day! Besides, that family only existed in the myth. How could it be real?

After the brief interlude, the mercenary picked up his knife again and closed in on the girl...

Right at that moment, the eyes of the mercenary with the bloody-thirsty smile suddenly widened before he fell forward with glazed eyes.

"Who is it?!"

"What's happening?!"

All around, the other mercenaries started to hold up their weapons at this weird phenomenon. They looked around vigilantly, yet before they could even get a proper look at the figure, they had quietly fallen one after another. Soon, the entire abandoned city was dead silent...
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