Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1711

After they passed through a long corridor, they reached a hidden room.

There were two people on the stone bed inside the hidden room. It was Ning Xi and Little Treasure.

After searching for so long, he had finally found them…

"They... How are they?" Lu Tingxiao's voice trembled as he got closer to them. He wanted to touch her, but he was afraid he might affect the girl's wounds.

Ning Xi's wounds seem to have been treated, but he could not feel her breathing at all. As for Little Treasure, he could see his chest undulating evenly.

The man replied, "The little guy is alright. I'm not very good with children, so I made him fall asleep for now. As for the big one…"

"What about the big one?"

The man looked at the girl on the stone bed, then he sighed and spoke with a complicated expression, "My expertise is with external wounds and it can only help this much. Bring her to a hospital now, but I can't guarantee her survival."

The man's words brewed an extremely uneasy feeling in Lu Tingxiao. "Okay! Thank you!"

At the Imperial Hospital in China.

After a night of tough tracking, Lu Tingxiao had finally found Ning Xi and Little Treasure, then he brought them back.

Yun Shen did not go to the hospital, but he let Annie accompany them.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan rushed to the hospital from home immediately, while Lu Jingli went there from the office.

"Tingxiao! Where's Little Treasure?! Where's my Little Treasure?! Where's Little Treasure?!" Yan Ruyi's face looked pale as she grabbed onto Lu Tingxiao's clothes tightly. Her reddened eyes looked everywhere frantically in fear.

Lu Chongshan was panting and he barely managed to walk with a crutch. "How's Little Treasure?"

Lu Jingli's tears fell as he saw Lu Tingxiao staring blankly outside the operating room. "Bro, is Little Treasure…"

After a while, Lu Tingxiao finally spoke up, "Little Treasure is alright."

Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, and Lu Jingli were stunned when they heard Lu Tingxiao.

"What? Tingxiao what did you just say?"

"Bro, did you say Little Treasure is alright?"

"Tingxiao, don't try to lie and comfort me! How's Little Treasure? As long as he's alive, I'm not hoping for much…"

The impatient Tang Lang looked at the anxious Lu family. "Stop pestering him. Didn't he say Little Treasure is alright? He's in the room upstairs. Go and look at him yourself!"

After Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi heard him, they hurried upstairs with the help of Lu Jingli.

As the three of them arrived at the door of the ward, a doctor in a white robe came out of the room.

"Doctor! Doctor! How's Little Treasure?"

The person who treated Little Treasure was the deputy head of the hospital. He replied to them, "Elder Mister Lu, Elder Madam Lu, rest assured. Your grandchild is alright. He only has some external wounds. While he was still unconscious earlier, he should be up soon."

Yan Ruyi was stunned when she heard the doctor. She could not believe her ears. "D-Doctor! What did you say? Little Treasure is alright? Did you say Little Treasure is okay?"

"Yes, you may go in and take a look at him now," he told her.

"O-Okay... I'll go now!"

The three of them went in and saw the little guy sleeping on the bed.

Yan Ruyi grabbed the little guy's warm hand. She also touched his beating heart and felt his rhythmic breathing. Then only did she finally believe he was alive…

"Little Treasure is alive... My Little Treasure is still alive... Thank God... Thank God…" Yan Ruyi could not hold it in anymore. She sobbed as she held onto Little Treasure's hand.

Lu Chongshan had tears in his eyes too. He thought that Little Treasure would become a sacrifice this time and did not expect Little Treasure to return safely to them.

Lu Jingli's expression became worse after he saw his relieved parents and the safe and sound Little Treasure. "Father, Mother, I'll go down and take a look at Sister-in-law. I wonder what happened to her…"

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