Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712: Weve Tried Our Best
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"Right, that girl" Yan Ruyi suddenly remembered her.

"You take care of Little Treasure. I'll go down and take a look." Lu Chongshan looked at Little Treasure dearly, then he touched the little guy's warm face before leaving with Lu Jingli.

Yan Ruyi was worried as she saw them both out.

The red lightbulb of the operating room was still lit up when Lu Chongshan and Lu Jingli went downstairs. Ning Xi was still in the middle of her surgery.

"How's the girl?" Lu Chongshan asked.

Lu Tingxiao had been sitting on the cold bench since just now. He looked downcast without moving an inch. Despite having heard his father, he did not react at all.

Tang Lang replied coldly, "She was shot in her arm, her torso, both her calves, her scapula sustained a fracture. She's also got three broken ribs, and her head received"

Lu Chongshan's face turned paler and paler as Tang Lang said more. He witnessed what had happened to the girl in the video, so of course he knew.

Lu Jingli did not know what to say. He went up to Lu Tingxiao and put his hands on his brother's shoulders. "Sister-in-law is blessed. She'll be alright!"

Lu Tingxiao still did not respond.

Lu Jingli knew he would not listen to anything no, so he stayed quiet after a few words of comfort.

His brother was not talking, while Tang Lang looked like he was about to explode anytime soon. Lu Jingli felt really anxious. Then, he suddenly saw a savior. Annie was standing by the corner and he went up to her. "Hey, you're my sister-in-law's friend. You're the really talented doctor named Annie, aren't you?!"

Annie nodded. She was staring blankly into the distance and was not really focused.

"My sister-in-law... How is she? She'll be alright since you're here, won't she?" Lu Jingli asked.

Annie looked at him in the eye and answered plainly, "I wasn't able to help much."

No matter how good she was, she could not be better than the most advanced modern healthcare system. Moreover, the mysterious man had handled Bro Xi's wounds perfectly. Even she had to admit that she would not be able to do as well a job. If that person had not been there, Bro Xi would not have made it to the hospital in time.

The girl did not say anything else afterwards and just stared at the direction of the operating theatre.

Lu Jingli studied Annie's eyes. He felt an uneasy feeling in the depth of her eyes

Time passed by slowly

The surgery went on from midnight until sunrise.

At 6 o'clock sharp in the morning, the red light was turned of. The door of the operating theatre opened from the inside.

Two operation assistants came out, followed by the main surgeon.

The surgeon was drenched in sweat. The surgeon's gown clung onto his sticky skin. He took off his mask and had an unpleasant expression on his face.

Everyone's hearts sank when they saw the doctor's expression.

Yan Ruyi came over as well. She had been praying with her hands clasped together as she chanted Buddhist scriptures. Nervously, she went up to ask as the doctor came out, "Doctor, how did the operation go? How's the child?"

The doctor phrased carefully as he studied their gazes, "I'm sorry. We've tried our best. Although the operation was successful, the patient received too much damage, and she can't wake up now. The patient is unable to breathe on her own. Her brain stem reaction and brain waves can't be detected"
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