Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1718

At the Guan residence.

"How is it? Did you find out anything? What's the situation?" Mother Guan asked nervously when she saw her son return.

Guan Ziyao looked over tensely. "Brother, how're Little Treasure and that woman?"

Mother Guan rolled her eyes. "How fortunate of them to come back alive from that situation!"

Guan Rui sat there, relaxed. "Why are you so impatient? Listen to Zihao carefully!"

Guan Zihao took off his coat and drank some tea, then he said, "Mother, Ziyao, don't worry. While they did rescue them, the results aren't really that different. The two of them don't pose a threat to us anymore!"

"No? You mean... They've broken down? I heard that those people are especially good at torture!" Mother Guan commented.

"It's way worse. The vixen is in a coma. As for Lu Tingxiao's child, I asked around and heard that he stopped talking and eating because of the shock. He's now like a wooden puppet and it's much more severe than before. Basically, he's useless now!" Guan Zihao explained to them in detail.

His parents looked gleeful when they heard the news. "Are you sure? Is your source reliable?"

"Of course! You guys can start preparing for a visit soon!" Guan Zihao said with certainty.

Guan Ziyao's expression softened, but she was still slightly worried. "If she's in a coma, it means there's still a chance for her to wake up, right?"

Mother Guan fretted, "That's right! What if the woman wakes up? That witch isn't simple to handle. If she wakes up and makes Little Treasure well again, then our efforts will go to waste!"

Guan Zihao said in a carefree tone, "It's not so easy for a person in a coma to wake up! And that woman suffered grave injuries! It'll probably take her 8 or even 10 years if she's lucky. Lu Tingxiao isn't an idiot. He wouldn't waste so much time waiting for a person in a vegetative state! Even if he wanted to, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi wouldn't allow it!"

"I'm just afraid... things might go wrong if we leave it be for too long…" Guan Rui mumbled, then he looked at his wife and Guan Ziyao. "Ziyao, pay a visit to the hospital now with your mother. Take a better look at the situation and get an idea of what they're thinking about!"

Guan Ziyao instinctively touched the scars on her skin with a darkened expression. She did not seem very willing to go. "Now? But Aunty Lu was so unhappy with me. The last time, she even…"

Mother Guan held her hands tried to convince her, "Didn't I tell you last time? It's just temporary. Wait until you give them a cute little grandchild, then everything will be fine! Be patient for now. No matter what Yan Ruyi thinks, we have to let them know that it was an accident and that you feel very guilty about it. Don't let her think that you're trying to hurt Little Treasure on purpose…"

Mother Guan knew that hurting the little guy was the biggest taboo of the Lu family. If they crossed the line, then there would be no chance left for them.

Guan Rui nodded. "Your mother's right. Go now, Ziyao. Be patient and our plans will prevail!"

Guan Zhichen suddenly came out of his room. "I want to go too! Has that dumb kid turned back into an idiot again? I want to see!"

"Stop messing around. You're just going to trigger him if you go!"

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