Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1719

At Imperial Hotel.

Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao had just walked out of the elevator when they saw someone standing at the end of the hallway and wiping away their tears. It was Yan Ruyi.

"Sis! Are you okay?" When Mother Guan saw her, she quickly went over, full of concern.

Guan Ziyao did not dare to go to near. Instead, she stood behind Mother Guan and her pale face was covered with guilt. "Aunty Lu, how's Little Treasure?"

Yan Ruyi quickly wiped away her tears and returned to normal. She looked at the two of them and replied, "Little Treasure is awake. Thankfully, he wasn't really hurt, just still slightly shocked."

At this moment, Yan Ruyi was an entirely different person from the unkempt shrew that she had been last night. She had returned to being the noble and elegant lady of the wealthy family that she was.

Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao exchanged a glance, slightly shocked. Indeed...

"As long as he's fine, then that's good..." Mother Guan looked allayed as she patted her chest, then she tugged at Guan Ziyao to apologize once again, "Sis, we really let you down this time. It's right for you and Bro Lu to blame her. Ziyao has been feeling horrible about it too. In fact, she's been feeling so bad that she hasn't had any appetite. She hasn't even drank a drop of water!"

As she looked at Guan Ziyao's pale and frail demeanor, Yan Ruyi sighed, "I should be the one saying sorry. I was too impulsive last night. Ziyao, does it stilll hurt?"

When she saw that Yan Ruyi had changed her attitude, Guan Ziyao's eyes secretly lit up. "Aunty! I'm fine! As long as you'll forgive me, I'll do anything! I can even help to take care of Little Treasure!"

Yan Ruyi tactfully rejected her, "I'm very thankful that you offered, but there's no need. There are already people taking care of Little Treasure."

When they heard Yan Ruyi's evading reply, Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao already confirmed what her brother had found out.

Mother Guan gently comforted Yan Ruyi a while more. When she saw that Yan Ruyi had softened, she tried to probe, "Sis, as they say, those who survive a great disaster are destined for good fortune after that. Now that the company is alright, and Little Treasure is saved, extreme sorrows will definitely turn into joy later on! But with so many things having happened, there'll still be some bad luck. You need to have some happy occasions to rinse it away. What say you?"

When Yan Ruyi heard this, she paused, immediately understanding Mother Guan's intentions.

Initially, she wanted to find a suitable opportunity to talk about this later on, but since she had brought it up, she did not want to drag it on either.

Thus, after Yan Ruyi contemplated momentarily, she turned to Mother Guan and said, "Sis, the reason I don't blame Ziyao is that she's still unrelated to us in any way. I don't have the right to ask her to do anything for our Little Treasure. At that time, in that sort of situation, if Ziyao had done anything, she would have most likely been implicated too, so I don't blame her."

When they heard Yan Ruyi pretty much drawing a line between their relationship, Mother Guan's face instantly soured and Guan Ziyao frowned.

Yan Ruyi continued, "While that girl Ning Xi... One could say... that this time... our Little Treasure's life was saved by her! She exchanged his life for her own!"

As Yan Ruyi said this, tears could not help but well up in her eyes. She slowly started to continue, "We must conduct ourselves with a conscience. Based on the fact that she's done so much to this extent, if I still continue to misunderstand her and stop her from getting together with Tingxiao, wouldn't that be too frightening?!"

Aware of the change in expressions of Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao, Yan Ruyi summed up,"So, no matter how the girl is going to be, and whether she'll wake up again, I'm setting my mind on this daughter-in-law!"

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