Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1724

Guan Rui retorted when he saw the guilty expressions on Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi, "That woman saved Little Treasure by coincidence. I understand that you'd like to make up to her, which is why I said over the phone just now that there are a lot of ways to make up to someone, but for Tingxiao to marry someone like her…

"And by someone like her, I don't mean the girl for being in a vegetative state now. I mean that she has a very bad reputation... Like the scandal last time, the videos were spread everywhere on the Net. It's such a shameful thing! How can the head lady of the Lu family be a woman like her?"

Yan Ruyi frowned. "I searched online a little on that matter. Things were clarified afterward. The girl was being framed. Another celebrity had gone under the knife to look the same as her…"

Guan Zihao also spoke up, "Aunty Lu, there's no smoke without fire. That woman must have had some issues of her own. You might not always notice news about the entertainment industry, but this woman always had a very bad reputation. A scandal occurred every few days, and she has haters everywhere!

"For men with an important status like us, sure, we can have some fun with women like her, but it's inappropriate to marry someone like her. You're lucky if you just receive some criticisms here and there. Worst case is that the company stocks might be affected severely!"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked solemn. Although Guan Zihao's words were unpleasant and mostly true, Ning Xi had saved Little Treasure, so they were prepared to bear the consequences.

Mother Guan was very pleased with Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan's reactions. She went on, "Our Ziyao really loves and respects Tingxiao, which is why she doesn't mind even if he has an illegitimate child. In fact, she cares a lot about the child!

"Do you really think she learned all about psychology and early childhood education out of interest? It was all for Little Treasure! But how did Tingxiao treat her? He trampled all her efforts and humiliated her by being with a small-time actress! What is he going to do with Ziyao and the relationship between us two families?

"And now even both you and Brother Lu want to hurt us... I'm really…"

As Mother Guan was running her mouth and declaring how hurt she was, and how they were being betrayed, Lu Jingli picked his ear with a ridiculing expression.

Lu Tingxiao did not interrupt anyone from the Guan family since the start, but now he said expressionlessly, "Are you done?"

Guan Rui remarked rudely, "What now? Is there anything we said that's wrong? Our whole family is here now. Where's your explanation?"

Lu Tingxiao made a phone call. He simply said two words over the phone, "Come in."

The next second, two stony bodyguards came in and threw a man in.

The Guan family saw and recognized who it was. It was the cook of the Lu family.

"Elder Master, Elder Madam, First Master... I know I'm wrong! I really do! I was being used!"

The cook was crying and sobbing as he knelt before Lu Tingxiao. "Please forgive me, First Master! Please forgive me. Little Master isn't really hurt this time! They asked me to put double the dosage, but I didn't! I only put a dab on the food container. I really didn't plan to hurt Little Master…"

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