Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1725

Based on the cook's words, he was referring to the last time Little Treasure had food poisoning.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan's expressions suddenly changed. They had always thought that it was Ning Xi. They would never have thought that the issue was from their end!

It was none other than the cook who had put poison on Little Treasure's dedicated food box!

Guan Rui drank his tea unhurriedly, then he commented, "So, it was the cook who did something the last time Little Treasure was poisoned!"

Guan Zihao squinted. "Now, we're talking about matters between our families. Why did you pull this person out for?"

Lu Jingli smiled as he said, "Master Guan, what are you rushing for? Just watch!"

Yan Ruyi glared at the cook and was suddenly so furious that she trembled. "Master Chen! You've been working for our Lu family for more than ten years now. We have treated you with nothing but kindness. Who was it that gave you whatever advantages that made you do something as cruel as this?! You  know that Little Treasure is my life!"

"Elder Madam... I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I let you down... I'm sorry, Elder Master... I... was possessed! It was that Ning Xi... That Ning Xi... She slept with me for a night and gave me a huge sum of money. She coaxed me to do all of this. She said no one will definitely find out that it was me. I... I couldn't resist the temptation, that's why I took the risk..."

"What are you saying?!" Yan Ruyi's expression suddenly changed.

Lu Chongshan looked grim too, but he did not react much. He just sat there quietly. Since Tingxiao had especially gotten Master Chen over, then the matter must not be as simple as this.

"Elder Madam, Elder Master, and First Master, I'm telling the absolute truth. I daren't lie! It really was that Ning Xi who told me to do this! If I lie, then I will be struck by lightning! Even if you give me a hundred guts, I wouldn't dare lie anymore!" Master Chen made a solemn vow.

When Mother Guan heard him, she instantly shook her head mockingly. "Forget the fact that to achieve her goals, she wouldn't spare hurting a child. She actually even slept with a cook... This is really..."

Right at that moment, the door was flung open once again.

A woman walked in.

"Is that her?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

The cook stared at the woman at the door and immediately nodded. "Yes, it's her! The celebritiy, Ning Xi!"

When they saw who the woman at the door was, Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan looked shocked. Ning Xi? How could this be?

Ning Xi was clearly still in a coma and lying on the sick bed!

Then, this woman was...

Yan Ruyi recalled, "Is this... Is this woman who had plastic surgery to look like Ning Xi, Su Yimo?"

"That's right, it's her." Lu Jingli nodded.

Now, Yan Ruyi patted her chest in fright. "No wonder I felt like this woman's gaze is odd..."

"Mother, you have discerning eyes!" Lu Jingli praised.

"Don't be garrulous! So, you're saying, the person who directed this cook to put the poison was actually Su Yimo?" Yan Ruyi clarified.

At this moment, Guan Ziyao said faintly, "You can't be sure! Since the two look exactly the same, who could differentiate who it was? Who knows if CEO Lu didn't frame this woman to clear Ning Xi's name?"

Mother Guan agreed, "With one call, you asked us over, and you didn't talk about the main things, letting us watch all this nonsense instead! What is the meaning of this?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at Lu Jingli, and when Lu Jingli received his brother's hint, he picked up his phone and clicked on a voice recording.

"The following recording might not be suitable for children... but thankfully, we aren't adults yet..."

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