Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1728

"What did you say? Take Xiao Xi away?" Yan Ruyi was shocked.

"Who are these people!? How dare they take people away from us Lus?!" Lu Chongshan's expression darkened suddenly.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi ignored the Guans and took a look at what was happening outside.

The Guan family looked at each other, then followed them out in silence.

Lu Jingli frowned. "Military uniform? Could it be…"

Damn it... If it was people from that side, it would be bad…

They saw two rows of grave-looking soldiers when they came out of the room. The President and the Vice President of the hospital were right beside the door to Ning Xi's room, seeming really nervous with sweat on their foreheads.

"Mr. Lu, Madam Lu... Look at this... These people just suddenly rushed in... They even said they have orders to take Ms. Ning away... I can't stop them…" The President looked at the people in fear.

They had experience seeing people like these, and of course, they realized that these were not regular people, or people someone should make enemies with.

"Who are you people? On whose orders did you come?" Lu Chongshan glared at them coldly and asked with a stern tone.

The young leading officer went up to Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi and spoke without any expression on his face, "I'm here on Chief Zhuang's orders to retrieve our Ms. Ning Xi!"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were stunned by the young officer's words.

"Chief Zhuang…?" Yan Ruyi looked at her husband, confused.

Lu Chongshan's expression turned complicated. So, he was right. They were people sent by the Zhuang family after all…

Only people from the Zhuang family…

Who else would make such a scene and was daring enough to take people from the Lu family with an army of soldiers?

Lu Jingli stomped his foot and cursed.

Damn it, it's all over! They're really people from the Zhuang family…

In a corner, the Guan family were shocked as they hid behind the guest room door.

"Chief Zhuang? Which Chief Zhuang?" Mother Guan asked quietly.

"Who else could it be aside from Zhuang Liaoyuan?" Guan Rui's face darkened.

Guan Ziyao frowned. "What did the officer mean? Did he say to take back their Ms. Ning Xi? Does he mean Ning Xi? How is Ning Xi related to the Zhuangs? Father, didn't you investigate that Ning Xi's real identity is the daughter of the Ning family, the daughter of Ning Yaohua?"

"Yes, I did, there's no mistake about it! Wasn't that matter made public soon after?" Guan Rui grimaced as well.

Guan Zihao had a twisted expression. "How is that cheap woman related to the Zhuang family? Tsk, maybe she's in a dirty relationship with Zhuang Liaoyuan…"

Mother Guan nodded firmly. "That must be it! What else could it be? Or maybe she violated the law!"

After Lu Chongshan listened to the officer's reply and realized it was people from the Zhuang family, he pleaded, "Officer, please send a word to Chief Zhuang for me. The Lu family will take full responsibility for Ms. Ning Xi!"

Suddenly, there was an old but strong voice from the back.

"Hmph! You Lu family will take full responsibility? Who are you Lus, and on what grounds are you going to be responsible for my granddaughter? Zhuang Zongren's granddaughter!"

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