Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1729

A old man full of white hair came hobbling from the end of the corridor. He ambled over with the help of his clutch and Zhuang Liaoyuan.

There was also another tall young man beside him who stared at the Lu family in ire with his bright eyes.

Not only Zhuang Liaoyuan, even the Elder Chief Zhuang Zongren was there. Lu Chongshan kept his stern and impatient expression in check., "Elder Chief Zhuang, why are you here?"

At this moment, the few people from the Guan family were all frozen when they heard Zhuang Zongren say "granddaughter".

"Granddaughter... What granddaughter? Ning Xi... is Zhuang Zongren's granddaughter?!" Mother Guan was mumbling unbelievably.

Guan Ziyao's face went pale. "Impossible! How could Ning Xi be Zhuang Zongren's…"

She was suddenly reminded of something. She paused for a bit, then turned to her father. "Father, in the information you found before... Ning Xi's mother... What's her name? Is it... Is her surname…"

Guan Rui was horrified. "That's right, her surname is Zhuang! Zhuang Lingyu!"

Guan Zihao's jaw dropped. He came back to his senses after a long while. "Ning Yaohua's wife is the daughter of the Zhuang family? Impossible! I've never heard about it before!"

Guan Rui pinched the space between his eyebrows. "We've been away for a long time, after all, and we're not sure about a lot of things. I didn't really further investigate when I found out Ning Xi's father is Ning Yaohua. I might've been careless... Zhuang Lingyu's identity isn't so straightforward…"

Elder Chief Zhuang was here to address Ning Xi as his granddaughter personally. There was no mistake at all!

Guan Ziyao stared blankly when she heard her father. Despair filled her eyes as she froze and just stared at what was happening in front of her.


This was impossible…

She still felt hopeful moments ago. Since Ning Xi had fallen into a vegetative state, no matter how sorry the Lu family felt for her, and no matter how much Lu Tingxiao loved her, they would not really wait for her forever. Furthermore, that child was just in a temporary slump right now and he could probably recover soon. Because the Lu family was not in danger anymore, the Guan family still stood a chance.

She thought that one day, he would realize she was the one for her, and the Lu family would one day turn back to her for the benefits they could reap…

However, she had never expected Ning Xi's grandfather to be Zhuang Zongren!

The Zhuang family had been in political power for generations. As the top family in Imperial, they were definitely not people to mess with, considering their history and achievements. Even the Lu family was beneath them.

"If I were not here, my granddaughter might even lose her life!"

Lu Chongshan did not dare to say anything to Zhuang Zongren's reprimand. He knew he was in the wrong, so he explained with a soft tone, "Elder Chief Zhuang, Ms. Ning Xi's injured this time because of us Lus. Because she rescued Little Treasure, our whole family is really indebted to her. We've hired the best specialists and will give it our all to save Ms. Ning Xi! Please rest assured that we'll take full responsibility of her!"

Before Zhuang Zongren could say anything, Zhuang Rongguang could not wait and started scolding angrily…

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