Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739: Someone Who Can Definitely Get In Touch
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At Ling Zhizhi's office in Glory World Entertainment.

Xiao Tao panted as she knocked to enter. "Sis Zhizhi! Bro Xi's house... and all of the places that Bro Xi might have gone... I've searched them all... but I still can't find her..."

"She's not at any of those places?" Ling Zhizhi's expression sunk when she heard her.

In this period of time, Ning Xi's filming had gone on one after another. She almost had not taken any rest, so after "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" finished shooting, she had given Ning Xi a long break to let her rest well.

Even though she was on break, in case there was an emergency, as usual, she had especially urged Ning Xi that communicating via the phone would still be necessary.

In this aspect, Ning Xi had always acted accordingly. Basically, she would not worry her, but who would have thought that this time, there would be a problem?

Tonight was the premiere of "Nine Realms". Initially, she had asked Xiao Tao to call Ning Xi to post on Weibo to promote and interact with her fans and drive up the ratings. However, Ning Xi's handphone and home landline could not be contacted. Xiao Tao was worried and went to Ning Xi's house to look for her, but she did not find her. After that, she had even gone to the places she frequented, yet she was nowhere to be found.

Xiao Tao wiped the sweat on her brow. "Yes, I've looked everywhere! What do we do now, Sis Zhizhi? Something couldn't have happened to Bro Xi, could it?"

"Don't be nonsensical."

"Okay..." Xiao Tao quickly kept quiet, then her eyes lit up. She suggested, "Sis Zhizhi, there's someone who can definitely get in touch with Bro Xi!"


"Big Boss!" Xiao Tao blurted out, "How about we call the Big Boss to ask?"

Ling Zhizhi thought hard about it. That person's identity was rather special, and she was just a mere manager, so directly calling to ask for Ning Xi's whereabouts was probably inappropriate.

After Ling Zhizhi considered it over and over again, she made the call.

It had probably rung seven or eight times before the call got through. A sleepy voice picked up. "Manager Ling... If you don't have a good reason for waking me up..."

"Ning Xi is missing. Do you have any way of getting in touch with her?" Ling Zhizhi asked frankly.

The other end of the phone was quiet for two seconds, then the man's voice was clearly much more awake. "Ning Xi is missing? What do you mean?"

"Tonight is the premiere of "Nine Realm". I initially wanted to ask her to post on Weibo, but we can't get through to her phone. We've looked for her at home and the places she usually frequents, but we couldn't find her," Ling Zhizhi quickly explained the situation.

"Tsk, this fella... Is she hiding somewhere to drink again? Can't believe she didn't call me for a drink!" muttered Jiang Muye.

"Ning Xi isn't someone who'd act inappropriately," insisted Ling Zhizhi.

"Please! Did you forget about the last time she went crazy at the bar and almost caused a fan rebellion?" Jiang Muye immediately dug up an old story.

"I'm just worried something's happened to her..."

"You're thinking too much! Even if something happened. It would happen to someone else, ok?" Jiang Muye mocked. However, when he considered Ling Zhizhi's anxious tone, he kindly said, "Fine, I'll help you look for her!"

"Okay, and may I trouble you to help me check if she's with CEO Lu?"

"Oh..." Jiang Muye was suddenly astonished in the next second. "Bloody heck! You... How do you know about her and my uncle?"

"This isn't the main point."

"How is it not the main point? Gosh! I'm still counting on using this against that girl! She was afraid of you finding out! Now, there's no more fun," Jiang Muye said with a pained tone.

Ling Zhizhi fell into a speechless silence.
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