Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1742

The atmosphere became heavy after Ling Zhizhi's reply. Everyone looked tense.

They understood how much Ning Xi loved her career and how much effort she had invested in it. They would try their best to protect what she held dear.

Lu Tingxiao quietly observed the girl behind the glass window. After a short moment of silence, he grimly said, "If Xiao Xi is still unconscious after three months, announce her actual situation."

Ling Zhizhi nodded. The deadline Lu Tingxiao had given was somewhat similar to the estimation of the tenure she could handle.

"During this period of time, I'll manage Ning Xi's social media accounts and try my best to drag on in order to maintain Ning Xi's popularity. It'd be best if Ning Xi wakes up, but... if things go out of control, I'll hold a press conference and prepare a suitable explanation to tell Ning Xi's fans."

Ling Zhizhi understood that the chances of Ning Xi's recovery were low, but she wanted to try as long as there was hope.

Fortunately, Ning Xi was staying in the military sanatorium. There was nowhere else that could offer more privacy, so they could avoid any news from leaking.

However, just what had happened for Ning Xi to be injured this badly?

Ling Zhizhi could sense that there was a lot of secrets within the Lu family involved, so she did not pry into it. She was Ning Xi's manager. All she had to know was that she would give her all to protect Ning Xi's career.

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded and agreed to Ling Zhizhi's plan. He then gave Ling Zhizhi his personal number. "Call me directly if there's anything about Xiao Xi."

"Okay." Ling Zhizhi nodded.

Now, she understood why Ning Xi, the freedom-loving girl, would choose this man in front of her.

With Lu Tingxiao's position and identity, he could have built a wall around her, given her everything she wanted and made her follow his will.

Ning Xi had been in a relationship with Lu Tingxiao behind her back and she had never noticed it. Ning Xi had even told her that Ke Mingyu was Lu Tingxiao.

This man loved her, yet he had never forced her to do anything. He stayed by her side, respected her, and protected her everything.

As Ling Zhizhi was discussing the details with Lu Tingxiao, Xiao Tao was staring at Ning Xi behind the glass window with a pale face.

"Bro Xi... Is there any chance of her waking up? When will she wake up? In three months?" Xiao Tao asked desperately.

Lu Jingli replied with an awkward tone, "Not sure. Even the doctors don't know when she'll wake up. She might... never wake up…"

"You mean Bro Xi might stay like this her whole life?" Xiao Tao's trembling got even worse.

Lu Jingli put on a bitter smile. "It's not impossible…"

Lu Jingli's words flipped a switch inside her. Xiao Tao seemed to break down. She covered her face and cried, kneeling on the floor and wailing loudly, "Bro Xi... I'm sorry... It's my fault... It's all my fault! I'm sorry... sorry…"

Ling Zhizhi was taken aback when she saw Xiao Tao crying out loud on the ground. She turned around to ask, "Xiao Tao, what's wrong?"

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