Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1746

No wonder a certain someone allowed him to see Ning Xi so easily…

There was someone else waiting for him!

In the end, Jiang Muye could not utter those words under the intense glare of the little T-Rex. He just sat there dejectedly and mumbled to himself, "Damn it! Did I mess with the matchmaking temple in my past life?"

What a terrible fate of romance!

Late at night, at the border of Country F.

Tang Lang picked a leaf from somewhere and chewed on it. He turned around and told the person beside him, "The guard around the target is at its weakest now. You only have to be mindful of a guy with glasses. I'll seduce that guy... No, I mean, lure him out!"

The person in the black suit was speechless. Was there any difference between seducing and luring? He asked in a doubtful tone, "Are you sure we have enough people? I think we're taking a big risk! They are arms dealers, after all. If they have…"

"Rest assured, Boss said that they definitely won't do anything about it. Don't chicken out and just go for it!" Tang Lang reaffirmed.

He had been pretty worried himself at first, but since Lu Tingxiao said it would be alright, then he had no issues with it.

He was not just blindly trusting Lu Tingxiao... He was just like a miracle!

The last time, no one expected Lu Tingxiao to call Satan at such a crucial time. Then, Satan had actually told him the exact location and listened to him…

He totally believed in Lu Tingxiao's understanding of Satan.

Tang Lang slowly took out his phone and sent a text to Tang Ye: [I'm in the forest 800m away in your 10 o'clock. I can tell you the answer to your question last time. Want to come over?]

Tang Ye replied to him almost immediately after he sent the text: [Ok]

The trap was laid. When he saw a familiar silhouette came out of the house, Tang Lang flashed the person behind him an OK sign. "Done, do it!"

A group of people closed in on the building slowly through the night…

In the forest.

Tang Lang was sitting on a thick tree branch when Tang Ye came over.

He leaped down when he saw Tang Ye. "Hey, that was fast!"

"Answer!" Tang Ye looked at the man expressionlessly.

Tang Lang shrugged. "Tsk, you already know it. Why do you want to ask me again?"

"I want to hear you say it!" Tang Ye gazed at him sharply.

"Fine, fine, I can do that! But let's fight! I'll tell you after you win!" Tang Lang then took the offense.

Tang Lang's expression did not change. He shifted slightly and avoided the first attack. They then clashed with each other.

After ten blows, Tang Lang looked at his opponent's gold-framed glasses and a fire lit up in his eyes. "Are you going to leave your glasses on? Looking down on me now?"

He then started unleashing even more fervent attacks!

After about a hundred exchanges, Tang Lang yelled, "Damn it! Tang Ye, you madman!"

Tang Ye had the odd and crazy ability to get stronger when he met a stronger opponent. They fought neck to neck even when he still had his glasses on and he had not gone berserk…

Tang Ye would not be distracted if he went into battle mode. He would not realize what was happening around him.

It was precisely what Tang Lang wanted.

After some time, Tang Lang relaxed a little when he saw the signal of the operation having gone successfully.

At that very moment, Tang Ye grabbed his vein.

Tang Lang suddenly closed in, but he did not attack. Astonishingly, he hugged his opponent and muttered, "Senior Brother, I'm sorry…"

Tang Ye suddenly snapped out of his battle mode. He looked at the building nearby in terror. "Tang Lang! You…"

Tang Lang said in a cold voice when he saw Tang Ye was about to rush over, "You don't have to go, we've already taken him. Don't blame me for this, Senior Brother. I said before that I don't want to make you my enemy. This is the only way I can think of."

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