Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1747

In a villa on the outskirts of Beijing.

Feng Jin covered the gunshot wound on his body and went inside a dark room. "Satan! Uncle Qiao has been kidnapped by Lu Tingxiao's people! Hurry... Quickly send some people to get him! If not, it'll be too late if he falls into Lu Tingxiao's hands…"

On the large sandalwood chair was the silver-haired man. He did not seem bothered at all. He tilted his head and took a sip from his teacup. Then, he looked up coldly. "What does that have to do with me?"

Feng Jin's expression froze and he seemed in despair. "Satan! I know it's Uncle Qiao's fault that he did that behind your back, but everything he did was for your sake! No matter how angry you are, you can't just let him die! He's your…"

Feng Jin's face went pale when the man glared at him with his striking cold gaze. Feng Jin omitted the second half of what he wanted to say. "Master, please remember that he stayed by your side all this year, after all. He invested a lot of effort…"

"Are you trying to gain my sympathy now? Why didn't you think of me as your master when you ignored my orders?"

Feng Jin felt guilty when he remembered what he had done in the past, but he could only continue begging despite the anger directed at him. "Please, think about your mother…"

Yun Shen's expression became even colder when Feng Jin mentioned his mother. "What makes you think that I'm a nice person? That I'd give chances to people who keep on ignoring my orders?"

Feng Jin was anxious when he realized Yun Shen was serious about leaving Qiao Yi behind. "Uncle Qiao has a lot of information on our important matters. It'll be disastrous if Lu Tingxiao gets ahold of him! Hei Long was the best example!"

They thought Hei Long really had not said anything, but he had leaked all their underground secrets, which caused them to suffer a great loss.

Yun Shen was starting to get impatient. "Your so-called important matters? I already gave orders to stop them a year ago, but what did you guys do behind my back? You think I really don't know anything?"

"If we had really stopped the businesses, we'd have lost an arm. How can we fight the Lu family then? Please don't fall into the trap of the Lu family! If Uncle Qiao really gives in, can you imagine the impact to our organization? After Uncle Qiao, Lu Tingxiao's next target will be you!"

"Really? I'm looking forward to it."

Feng Jin went out defeated after he failed to convince Yun Shen.

Feng Xiaoxiao leaned against the wall, expecting Feng Jin's defeated expression. "I told you it's futile! You think he's still the doll controlled by Uncle Qiao?"

"But Uncle Qiao did everything for him! How can he be so ungrateful!?"

Feng Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes. "Nonsense! That guy is mad about this, alright? If it weren't for you guys kidnapping Little Treasure, we'd still stand a chance to win! He was looking forward to defeating Lu Tingxiao, and it was all destroyed by you guys. Of course, he'd be angry! Great! Now since you guys are so smart, you guys can do whatever you want!"

Feng Jin felt very sorry for himself. He had been hesitant when Qiao Yi wanted to harm Ning Xi, but he thought Satan would just be angry for a while and then let it go. He did not expect him to abandon Qiao Yi!

"The problem now is how to convince Master…"

"Don't be so naive! You stepped onto his death zone. It's useless whatever you say. Give up!"

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