Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1749

They left the underground winery.

The early morning wind was slightly cool, dispersing the air on them that reeked of blood.

After working for an entire day, Lu Jingli stretched while being heavy-lidded. He could not help but mock, "Bro, don't you think that guy is weird?! He's told us so many classified information... but when we ask who that Yun Lan woman is, he wouldn't say anything... Our father is just the same. He won't tell us anything!

"Actually, I'm quite puzzled by this. Based on that old guy's personality that values the family and clan ideology, even if he met a woman he liked and couldn't help himself, he definitely wouldn't think of marrying her! But the words carved on the memorial tablet was  his handwriting... I'm so curious! Do we want to investigate a little more?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "There's no need."

Qiao Yi wanted to live, so he had confessed everything quickly, but to him, there were things even more important than his life.

However, the ins and outs of this dispute were not important to him.

Lu Tingxiao watched the color of the sky's horizon gradually lighten for a very long time. A while later, he looked at Lu Jingli with a slightly gentle expression. "Go back and rest."

Lu Jingli rubbed his eyes that could not stay open much longer and nodded. "Oh, what about you?"

"I have some things to handle."

When Lu Jingli heard this, his eyes widened and he quickly said, "Still?! Even if it's an extremely important task, you should at least have a nap first! Since the day we went to save Sis-in-law and Little Treasure, I haven't seen you sleep!"

"I'm fine."

"How could you be fine? You..."

At that moment, Lu Tingxiao's phone rang, so he raised his hand to interrupt Lu Jingli and picked up the call. "Hello? Mmm. Today. Book the latest flight. Okay."

Lu Jingli was in disbelief. "Where're you flying to? You're really trying to die! If something happens to you, what about Sis-in-law and Little Treasure!"

"I know what to do."

"You know what to do, my ass! You've already forgotten that you're still human! No, you must go and sleep today! Immediately, right away! Otherwise, don't even think about going anywhere..."

Before he could finish, Lu Jingli suddenly felt a pain at the back of his neck and then he blacked out. He slowly lost consciousness and could vaguely feel like he was being carried into the car by huge arms.


"Be good."

Lu Jingli unwillingly shut his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Jeez! He had actually knocked him out without saying anything. Knocked him out, knocked him out!

Am I still your most beloved younger brother!?

What he worried most about had still happened. He knew without Xiao Xi Xi around... no one could stop him...


At the same time.

All of the media were crazily reporting the most anticipated ultra-fantasy series of the year, "Nine Realms". This show had $ 500 million in investment and the super luxurious line-up of a double-award winning actress. On the first day of its launch, the ratings rocketed to the number one spot. The number of replays online easily surpassed hundreds of millions too. The new couple Jiang Muye and Meng Shiyi had very quickly become a hot topic.

Because Ning Xi's screentime was limited in the first few episodes, not much attention was paid to her yet.

Ling Zhizhi was relieved. Then, she laughed bitterly. Now, she was actually not worried about Ning Xi being unpopular. Instead, she was worried that Ning Xi would be too popular...

She logged on to Ning Xi's Weibo account and imitated Ning Xi's tone to post a Weibo promotional post. Jiang Muye had then very coordinatedly shared it too. Currently, all was going well with the fans and no one had noticed anything out of the ordinary.

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