Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1750

When Lu Jingli woke up, it was already dark outside.

The first thing he wanted to do was to find his brother. He had just stepped out the door when his phone rang. The screen showed that it was Mo Lingtian calling.

Why was this guy calling him right now?

Lu Jingli suspiciously picked up the call. "Hey, Bro Tian! What's up?"

Mo Lingtian's tone sounded very serious. "Jingli, what's up with your brother? Why have you suddenly fallen out with the Guan family?"

"Ah? Fallen out? Yes, we did! We've long fallen out with each other! But how did you find out?" Lu Jingli asked suspiciously.

"How did I find out? Right now, everyone in the entire circle knows! Recently, the Guan family's huge deal with the government has been exposed for huge amounts of bribery and unlawful competition. Guan Rui has already been taken away for investigation, while the Guan family's listed company abroad is on the verge of bankruptcy overnight. Now, the Guans are running all over to get help through connections, but your brother just released word to the circle that if anyone helps them, it'll mean they're going against him!" Mo Lingtian quickly explained.

Lu Jingli was flabbergasted. "Crap! I only fell asleep and just woke up... He's already bankrupted the Guans?"

"Now, I'm calling your brother, but I can't get through, so I can only come looking for you. What actually happened?" Mo Lingtian asked in a lowered tone.

Lu Jingli pouted. "Tsk, did Guan Ziyao ask you for help? Bro Tian, don't say that I didn't warn you. It's best that you don't get involved with this. Otherwise, we'll end up not being friends!"

"I have to at least know the reason!"

Lu Jingli taunted, "Before I tell you the reason, I'd quite like to know what Guan Ziyao said to you."

"She said that your brother did this for Ning Xi. This reason... is logical, but doesn't make total sense. If nothing particular hadn't happened, he wouldn't have done things to this extent."

When he heard that Mo Lingtian was rational at least, Lu Jingli's attitude eased. "Good thing you came looking me. Had you looked for my brother, based on his personality, he definitely wouldn't care to explain. Later on, you'll fall into the honey trap. She'll simply cry a little. You might even be fooled! Wait! Let me send you two very entertaining voice recordings. You listen for yourself!"

Lu Jingli finished, then he sighed, "Bro Tian, I really admire you for being dead set on liking someone and even liked her for so many years. I respect your persistence, but I'm afraid some people aren't what they seem. You'd better watch out!"

After Mo Lingtian hung up, he fell into a deep thought.

Very quickly, there was a notification of a new e-mail in his inbox.

Mo Lingtian lit up a cigarette. He hesitated momentarily before he clicked on it. Listening to the sound of the voices, his expression looked worse and worse...

It was not sure how long had passed before Mo Lingtian finally returned to the private room.

Inside the room, when Guan Ziyao saw him she quickly asked nervously, "Lingtian, what did Tingxiao say?"

Mo Lingtian looked at her with mixed emotions, then he said, "I couldn't get through to Tingxiao. I called Lu Jingli. He sent me two recordings."

When Guan Ziyao heard the words "recordings", she instantly turned pale.

Mo Lingtian stared lifelessly at this woman before him. "Ziyao, is there something you're hiding from me?"

Guan Ziyao collapsed onto the chair behind her. She knew she could not cover it up anymore, so she smiled bitterly as she said, "Yes... My father, mother, and brother have done some silly things, but they did it all for me... just so I can get my happiness. I can pay the price for my stubbornness, but they're innocent..."

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