Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1751

"Innocent? Ziyao, you really think... that they're innocent?" Mo Lingtian clicked on the second recording right away. The Guan family's blatant words all poured into the sealed private room.

After the recording ended, there was a dead silence in the room.


Before Guan Ziyao could justify herself, Mo Lingtian continued to say, "Back then, at my father's birthday banquet when Ning Xi was pushed into the water and almost drowned, that was all arranged by you guys, wasn't it? Huh, I actually believed you up till now that that was just an accident..."

Guan Ziyao broke down as she stared at him. "No matter what they did, they are my father and my brother! What was I supposed to do? Watch helplessly as the Guan family's everything be destroyed and not care?"

Mo Lingtian felt his back stiffen. His eyes watered. There was disappointment and hostility that she had never seen before. "Ziyao, all the things your family did... You knew about all of it, didn't you? But you never stopped them!"

"Huh..." As she faced by Mo Lingtian's interrogation, Guan Ziyao suddenly laughed grimly under her breath. She looked up and stared at him as she said word for word, "Why would I stop them? That woman doesn't even suit Tingxiao! If Tingxiao hadn't been deceived and bewitched by that woman, our two families would have long been combined through marriage. Based on our Guan family's capabilities, if our two families combined forces, that illegitimate son would've been nothing to fear about. All of this wouldn't have happened, and Little Treasure wouldn't have been kidnapped! But now Tingxiao wouldn't spare both sides the suffering just to defeat the Guan family! All of this is caused by that woman!"

Mo Lingtian stared at the woman in front of him. There was suddenly a strong sense of powerlessness in him.

He loathed Guan Ziyao's stubbornness extremely, yet he could not say a word to her because... was he not like that to her too?

He knew clearly that it was impossible. He knew that she liked someone else, yet he still could not let go...

In the past, no matter what happened or what he faced, as long as he could see her, as long as he could hear her speak, he would be incredibly contented. He was willing to do everything for her.

Especially after she returned to the country, he felt that his entire being was reborn. No matter what he did, he was filled with drive. He thought of countless ways to make her happy. Even if it was not reciprocated, he was glad to endure it.

However, now, every time they met, there was only a stifling sensation that made it hard for him to breath...

That girl in his memories who had made him palpitate with an eagerness to do things was moving further and further away from him. She was becoming more and more blurry, and he had almost forgotten how the girl he liked was. Was it the same person as this one before him?

Mo Lingtian's heart started to ache tremendously.

At this moment, his phone buzzed slightly. It was an overseas number sending him a picture.

On a quiet lane, the girl wore a light green floral dress as she squatted by the roadside and was teasing a tubby little orange kitten. The expression on her was so gentle as if it could chase away all the gloom of this world. Even the suffocating sensation that nagged him at this moment had suddenly faded away...



When he realized that this name suddenly flashed across his mind repeatedly, Mo Lingtian's expression suddenly changed and he hurriedly put his phone away.

He liked Ziyao. He loved Ziyao. He swore that he would only like this woman in his entire life, but now, what was he doing!?

This feeling as if he had betrayed himself made him suffer even more...

"Lingtian, we're indeed wrong in this. No matter what my brother did, he shouldn't have touched Little Treasure, but at least he never thought of hurting Little Treasure. Little Treasure was alright then, and that woman had always had Tingxiao protecting her. We didn't do any damage to her, did we? The fact that she's now hurt has nothing to do with us Guans! Tingxiao's trying to take his anger out on us has gone rather excessive! Lingtian..."

Mo Lingtian took a deep breath and interrupted her, "Ziyao, for your father, I can help you find someone to lighten the sentence as much as possible, but about the company... I'm sorry, I can't get involved."

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