Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1752

Guan Ziyao could not believe it when Mo Lingtian said he could not get involved.

This man was always willing to do anything for her. Moreover, she was in a critical period now.

"Lingtian, since Tingxiao released those words, I can only ask you of this. Only you can help me to speak a few words to him for me. I'd never come and trouble you if I had other choices left…"

Mo Lingtian numbly said, "Ziyao, the three of us grew up together. You're my friend. Tingxiao is my brother. The Guan family is at fault this time, and this is as far as I can help you. It's also... the last time I'm doing anything for you."

Moreover, Ning Xi was not just Tingxiao's lover. She was also... Tianxin's cousin…

Guan Ziyao clenched her fists. "What do you mean?"

Mo Lingtian closed his eyes and told her, "Ziyao, I understand how strongly you feel for Tingxiao because it's the same for me towards you."

"Lingtian, I just know that you'd understand me…"

Mo Lingtian ignored her words and interrupted her, "But, Ziyao, I love you. I make advances properly and have never hurt you or anyone beside you. I've also never forced you to do anything. As for you and Tingxiao, it's not love anymore. Loving someone doesn't mean you have to be with them or even use underhanded tactics! Do you understand?"

Mo Lingtian was not sure if he was saying those words to Guan Ziyao or to himself.

Still, he felt somewhat relieved after saying those words.

He remembered what Lu Jingli told him. Some people were not who they seemed to be…

He thought the person he loved was the most special one, that she was different from all the other girls, shining ever so brightly. He trusted that she could really let it go…

He thought that she was the one he had in mind. He kept on living in his memory, submerging himself in his own fantasy…

He should have realized it a long time ago. She always said that she would let it go, but she would grab onto any chance to be near Tingxiao. The whole time, his only value to her was being Lu Tingxiao's buddy. She probably did not even see him as a friend.

However, he did not want to see the girl he loved in such a negative light. He also did not want to believe that the girl he liked for so long had become someone he hated…

After Mo Lingtian was done, he stood up and left.

Guan Ziyao sat there in shock. She looked at the direction the man was leaving. At that moment, she realized that she had lost something.

The next moment, she stood up quickly and chased Mo Lingtian. She held onto his arm and said in a trembling voice, "Lingtian, I'm sorry... I know I've disappointed you. I know I've lied to you. I've never given up on him, but I don't have a choice... I can't help it... I love him…

"I really can't let the Guan family to get destroyed in my hands. Please, just one more time... okay? I'm really done this time. I won't bother him anymore…"

Mo Lingtian looked at the girl's hand without saying anything.

After a short while, he shook the girl's hand off his arm. "Ziyao, I'm done as well."

Guan Ziyao's face went pale.

"I've made too many mistakes for you. I've also hurt a lot of people. So, I'm sorry."

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