Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1753

A week later.

There were blisters all over Lu Jingli's mouth all because he had been talking his brother out of it, but nothing worked.

He really missed the times when Xiao Xi Xi was around. He would do anything as long as she said it…

He was on the verge of crying just remembering it.

As Lu Jingli was sighing, his phone rang. He took a glance and noticed it was from the Mo family.

"Helly, Aunty Mo?"

Kang Shuhui's anxious voice came through the moment the call connected. "Jingli, have you seen Lingtian for the past few days?"

"Bro Tian? Nope! What's wrong?"

"We haven't seen Lingtian for a week! We can get through to his phone but no one's picking up. I've been asking around, but no one knows where he is! I'm worried sick!"

"What? Gone?" Lu Jingli's expression changed.

A week ago…

Was it not the day he told Bro Tian the truth?

"Could something have happened to him?" Lu Jingli mumbled mindlessly.

Kang Shuhui almost went crazy. "Jingli! What did you say? What happened? Do you know something? You have to tell Aunty about it! Lingtian... Ever since the incident with Tianxin last time, he has been very obedient. He comes back on time, but now he's disappeared for such a long time…"

Lu Jingli was worried something had happened, so he told her the truth. "A week ago, Bro Tian came to ask me about what happened between my brother and the Guan family…"

"Then? I knew it'd be related to that woman again! He'd only behave this way whenever she's involved! People from the Guan family came over and begged Lingtian's father, but we didn't do anything since we're not sure what happened!"

"Then, I just told him the truth, mainly about how the Guans have been playing dirty tricks behind our backs and have been trying to harm my brother's girlfriend. They even almost harmed Little Treasure... I think Bro Tian wasn't really involved this time. He probably just needed some time to accept it…"

Lu Jingli then comforted her, "Don't worry, Aunty. He won't be in trouble so easily. He probably just felt depressed and wanted to be alone. I'm always like this when I'm not happy myself!"


"Really, don't worry. I'll help you look for him as well!"

"Okay, okay... Thank you, Jingli…"

Kang Shuhui told Mo Jianzhang about it after she hung up.

Mo Jianzhang then said, "Just let him cool down for a few days. Why are you so anxious?"

"How can I not be!? You know just how crazy your son is towards that woman! What if he can't take the shock? It's been seven days! We've lost our grandchild. Do you want to lose your son too?"

Mo Jianzhang realized his wife was getting overly worried. "We've already sent people to look for him! Be patient, alright? I wonder where that brat went to. Even I can't find him!"

Suddenly, Kang Shuhui thought of something. "Do you think... Lingtian might have gone to look for Tianxin?"

"Tianxin?" Mo Jianzhang's expression froze. "Isn't Tianxin overseas right now?"

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