Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1754

Kang Shuhui thought that it was possible. "I've been looking actually. Lingtian isn't as heartless as he thought towards Tianxin. It's just that he didn't realize it himself. Didn't you notice that he's not really himself after Tianxin left? In addition to the shock from the incident of Guan family this time, he might have really gone to look for Tianxin!?"

Mo Jianzhang started to waver as well. "What if he didn't? It's inappropriate for you to just look for her out of a sudden!"

Kang Shuhui hesitated. "I don't want to bother Tianxin as well. I'm too embarrassed to call her... Fine, we'll wait until tomorrow and see if there's news"

A night passed.

Mo Lingtian was still nowhere to be found.

Kang Shuhui finally broke down. She could not care about anything else anymore. She punched in Tianxin's number with her trembling fingers.


Kang Shuhui could not hold it in anymore when she heard that gentle voice. She sobbed, "Tianxin... I... I am Lingtian's mother"

"Madam Mo?" She sounded surprised.

"Am I bothering you resting?" Kang Shuhui was apologetic.

"No, it's afternoon around here, but you... It's really early... What's happened?"

Kang Shuhui felt even guiltier after she heard the girl's gentle and polite words. She felt a heat sear across her face. She would understand even if Tianxin hung up on her call right now, but this girl was just as kind as ever even after going through so much.

"Tianxin, I'm really sorry to bother you. I'll state my matter quickly. Did Lingtian look for you in the past few days?" Kang Shuhui asked anxiously.

There was a short silence when Mo Lingtian's name was mentioned. "No."

"No?" Kang Shuhui's expression froze when her last glimmer of hope faded. Her heart sank.

When she heard sobbing, the girl quickly asked, "Madam Mo, are you alright?

"I'm okay... It's Lingtian... He suddenly went missing. I'm worried that something might've happened to him. We can get through to his phone, but no one's picking up... If possible, can I ask you to give him a call, or even just a text message? Ask him where is he. Maybe he'd reply if it's you" Kang Shuhui begged as she cried.


"I understand that I'm imposing this on you, but I've run out of all options. If it's too much trouble, it's alright"

"I'll try, but I think... it won't be of much help"

"Really? That's great! Thank you! Thank you, Tianxin! Thank you very much!"

In Los Angeles, America.

Ning Tianxin sat on the bench in her campus quietly after she hung up. She stared blankly at the sky.

She had agreed just now because Kang Shuhui was crying.

However, after she calmed down, she realized that it was ridiculous for her to get involved.

After some thoughts ran through her mind, she gave Ning Xi a call.

"Hello, Xiao Xi"

"Hello, I'm Ning Xi's manager, Ling Zhizhi. Are you Ning Xi's cousin?" The voice from the other side of the phone was not Ning Xi.


"I'm sorry. She's in the midst of working right now and isn't really available to take calls at the moment. Can I have her reply to your messages later?"

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