Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1757

At the Ning Residence.

"Madam, the lady is home!"

When she heard the servant's announcement, Zhuang Lingyu, who was on the sofa, was instantly overjoyed as she got up to receive her daughter.

Ning Xueluo passed all her bags to the servant and sweetly called out, "Mother!"

"Hey, quickly come in! Look at you all sweating! You must've been so busy the whole day! You have to run to our company and prepare to list your own company on the stock market. You're already so busy. Why have you come running to me!?"

"Mother, I missed you! I especially got someone to help me get some collagen and bird's nest for you. Their quality is really good. You should eat more of these daily to supplement your health!"

"You should keep these for your mother-in-law!"

"I did give some to her too."

Zhuang Lingyu pulled on her hand with concern. "How's it? Has it been good at the Su residence? How's Zheng Minjun's attitude towards you?"

Ning Xueluo forced a smile. "Even though it still can't compare to before... It's already much better..."

As she looked at her daughter's reaction, she knew that she must have been mistreated at the Su residence. Zhuang Lingyu could not help but look unhappy.

Ning Xueluo quickly comforted, "Mother, don't worry about me. I'll definitely work hard and not let anyone crush me. I'll let everyone know that you've raised a good daughter!"

Ning Xueluo's words completely hit Zhuang Lingyu in the right spot. She was instantly calmer and she praised, "Good, Xueluo you're already amazing. It's just those self-interested ones who can't see things clearly!"

Ning Xueluo was about to say something when she saw Ning Zhiyuan walk in from a distance with a walking stick. She quickly stood up and greeted, "Grandfather!"

"Mmm." Ning Zhiyuan nodded slightly and did not say much. He was about to continue to his room when he suddenly thought of something. He paused in his steps and said, "Tomorrow night, Wenno is returning to the country. The whole family should get together. Call Xiao Xi to come over too."

Zhuang Lingyu's expression sank. "Father, you know that girl. Did you forget what she said before? She doesn't even care about having any relationship with us Nings! Why do we still haveto show warm feelings and be met with cold rebuke [1]!"

At this moment, Ning Yaohua walked over and cleared his throat. "Lingyu, the child was just speaking out of anger. There are some things that we haven't done right either. She'd feel wronged. It's best if the whole family is harmonious. Why should you stoop to the child's level!? I think tomorrow night we should call Xiao Xi to come as well!"

Ning Zhiyuan nodded with satisfaction, but he seemed not tobelieve him. He just stood there and challenged, "Then, make the call right now."

Ning Yaohua shook his head helplessly. "Father, do you still not believe me? I'll call her right now!"

Zhuang Lingyu was anxious by this and she kept trying to hint Ning Yaohua.

Ning Yaohua lowered his voice to say, "Father's health hasn't been great. Don't anger him because of this. It's just a meal. Besides, even if we don't invite her, Qiutong will definitely call Xiao Xi. Why should we keep letting her be the good guy, and drive a wedge in our family?"

On the side, when Ning Xueluo heard Ning Yaohua say "our family", gloom flashed in her eyes.

In front of the elder, Zhuang Lingyu could not say much and Ning Yaohua was quite determined too, so she could only let him make the call.

"Hello, Xiao Xi... Tomorrow night..."

When Ning Yaohua got through to Ning Xi's handphone, he was about to act like a loving father when he was disrupted by the formal robotic voice on the other end.

"Hello, may I know who's this? I'm Ning Xi's manager. She's currently working and can't come to the phone right now."

Ning Yaohua was stunned for a moment, then he said arrogantly, "I'm her father. Tell her that she will pick up."

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