Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759: Who Else Is An Outsider?
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"Oh" Ning Xueluo put on a surprised expression. "Father called her, but her manager said she's busy, I thought if Aunt called, she would surely come"

Zhuang Lingyu smiled. "That girl's busy crawling her way up. She'll forget about the Ning family very soon!"

Ning Qiutong looked at her coldly. "I'm happy that Xiao Xi is doing well on her own. Who wouldn't tell me that my niece is pretty and capable wherever I go? Every day, so many people come to me and ask for her autograph, or even to visit her at work!"

Ning Xueluo's expression tightened as her fingernails dug deep into her palm. Zhuang Lingyu hid her anger. Ning Qiutong had been on her toes, and every time she aimed, it hit wherever it hurt the most.

She knew that Xueluo had left the entertainment industry and she was saying all these to trigger her!

"Alright, let's eat!" The elder coughed lightly and the heavy atmosphere dissipated forcefully.

"Wenbo, how long are you going to stay for this time?" The elder made some small talk.

Guo Wenbo put his chopsticks down and replied gently, "Not for long. I'm mainly here to meet a client and to settle some matters for Qiutong."

Settle some matters?

Ning Yaohua squinted his eyes sensitively.

As expected, Ning Qiutong spoke up, "Isn't Chen from the financial department going to retire soon? We'll need a person to fill in the CFO role. I've asked Wenbo to help hire a person from abroad!"

Before Ning Yaohua could say anything, Zhuang Lingyu could not hold it in anymore. "Hire? You're just putting your people inside, aren't you?! Yaohua has already left the position of CFO to Xueluo. She can fill the position after a short probation period, so you don't have to worry too much!"

Ning Qiutong replied, "I'm worrying too much? Don't you forget, Sister-in-law, while I don't have a position in the company, I'm the largest stakeholder of the company."

Ning Xueluo had not gotten any shares. Even after Ning Yaohua transferred all his shares over to her, she only held 15% of shares.

As for Ning Qiutong, she had 10% on her own, and with the addition of the 10% Ning Xi had given her, she had 20% of shares in total, making her the largest stakeholder of the company at the moment.

Zhuang Lingyu was antsy. "You don't have that authority to make that decision on your own! You don't get to put your people into such an important position of the company!"

Ning Qiutong raised her eyebrows. "Oh? So, you do have someone?"

Zhuang Lingyu replied in disdain, "Xueluo's not an outsider!"

She meant to imply that Ning Qiutong was just an outsider.

Ning Qiutong laughed out loud. "Ha... Sister-in-law, are you joking? Who else is an outsider here except for her?"

"Ning Qiutong! That's too much!"

Ning Yaohua's expression darkened. "Qiutong, you've overstepped your boundaries. Yes, you have the most shares, but I'm the President. You don't get to decide the human resources in the company!"

Ning Qiutong sternly retorted, "I see, President. What a fancy title! A president without any shares? Let me tell you, I have the right to put Ning Xi in that position if she's willing to! Try me if you don't believe me!"
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