Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1764

"Understood." Ling Zhizhi did not make any objections.

With Ning Xi's current condition, these contracts would only rot if they stayed with her. Yi Xudong would rather let other artistes take over, and nothing much would have differed even if Lu Jingli were there.

If this continued, Yi Xudong would probably look for people to replace Ning Xi's position.

If not, all the resources for Ning Xi would go to waste.

She could wait, but Yi Xudong could not.

"Ling Zhizhi, I don't care whether you can contact her now or not. I'll give you seven days! If she doesn't appear in the next seven days, she doesn't have to come back ever again!"

Yi Xudong then left after lashing out with his anger.

After Ling Zhizhi was done compiling the documents and scripts, midnight arrived.

When she passed by Yi Xudong's office, she overheard the ambiguous voice of both a man and a woman. She frowned

That woman's voice seemed like a newbie who had just joined not too long ago

The company took in new artistes similar to Ning Xi's style due to her success, and that newbie was one of the best. She had similar vibes to Ning Xi's, but Ning Xi was so popular that these bunch of newbies did not even have the chance to shine.

It was only normal for some people to be impatient with such a great opportunity looming in front of them.

This was the reality of the entertainment industry. It was a never-ending competition.

Ling Zhizhi stopped for a while, then left swiftly as if nothing had happened.

The next morning.

It was quiet around the sanatorium in the military area.

Lu Tingxiao had sat before Ning Xi's bed quietly for the whole night.

The past three months was more than enough time for him to finish everything he had to until he could not find anything else to numb himself.

Time passed by. Finally, the clock hands pointed at 6 o'clock.

It was exactly three months since Ning Xi had fallen unconscious.

Ning Xi had not been officially diagnosed in a vegetative state before. A person in a vegetative state was meant for people who were still unconscious after three months...

The biggest chance for the patient to wake up was within the first three months. After that, the chances would be miraculously low.

The girl was lying quietly on the bed as if she was just asleep. Little Treasure was sleeping right beside her. Everything looked just like before at home, like the world around them was still at peace.

Sadly, the reality was cruel. The girl he loved might never speak again. She might never give him any reaction, might never wake up again...

The man held the girl's hand and leaned his head into her hand, mumbling quietly, "Xiao Xi, I'm sorry... I might... not be as strong as you think"

I just found out that I'm nothing without you

I realized all my weaknesses

The door opened.

Lu Jingli came in. "I knew you'd be here... Bro, were you here for the whole night again? I bought some breakfast. Come and eat!"

Lu Tingxiao let go of the girl's fingers. He stood up, but the moment he did, his whole body fell backward.

"Bro!" Lu Jingli freaked out and rushed over.

Little Treasure woke up in shock. He peered at the man on the floor in fear

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