Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1766

"You, you... I've never met such a troublesome patient like you! Do you still want to live?!" Doctor Zhao frustratedly huffed as he followed his patient who ran away to the other room.

It was a special day today. The Zhuang family had made an exception and allowed both Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi to come.

They were shocked when they heard that their son had collapsed, but at the same time, they were really anxious to hear Ning Xi's diagnosisfrom the specialists.

"Tingxiao! Are you alright? What happened? Jingli said you collapsed! How many times have I told you to take care of yourself? You convinced Little Treasure, but what about you yourself!? Do you know how much pain Xiao Xiwould be in if she wakes up to you like this?"

"It's okay."

"How is that possible?!" Tears fell out of Yan Ruyi's eyes as she peered into the room. "How's Xiao Xi's condition?"

"What did the specialists say?" Lu Chongshan asked

Lu Tingxiao stood there quietly. "Let's wait for the results."

Doctor Zhao shook his head and sighed when he saw the child waiting by the door for the diagnosis.

Zhuang Zongren, who was waiting anxiously, suddenly frowned when he saw Doctor Zhao sigh. "Zhao, why are you sighing? Is Xiao Xi's condition that bad?"

Doctor Zhao looked at Zhuang Zongren, not bothering to hide his concern. "It's not optimistic."

Zhuang Zongren's expression darkened.

After a while, the team of specialists was done with the checkup. They had a short meeting before coming out of the room.

No one said a word as they just waited for the results in silence.

The lead specialist said with a heavy tone, "During this whole time, the patient's condition... didn't change much... Our diagnosis results are the same as last time."


Until now the results were still the same as before? Had Xiao Xi not become any better at all?

Zhuang Zongren was carrying Little Treasure carefully in his arms. He had not wanted him to be there today, but the child was as stubborn as his father. Zhuang Zongren quickly asked, "Is there still any possibility of Xiao Xi waking up?"

The lead specialist fidgeted uneasily and he spoke in a roundabout way, "Pardon my straightforwardness. The chances of her waking up were the highest in the past three months. After this three months, the possibility of her waking up is... extremely low... The patient's bodily functions will start to degenerate gradually..."

The air was heavy after the specialist finished the report. Everyone's hearts sank as their expectations were crushed heavily.

Lu Tingxiao stood there in silence. He did not have any expression on his face after he heard the results.

He had looked through mountains of books and information relating to Ning Xi's condition in this past few months, and he was sort of half a specialist now.

It was exactly as he had predicted.

He knew it all along, but he had to be there to hear the results personally.

Somewhere nearby, Lu Jingli had just returned to hear what the specialist said. He saw that his brother was as empty as a shell, barely seeming alive at all as if he would just drop dead the next moment.

Lu Jingli's heart clenched like a vice. Holding a cold object in his finger, he took a deep breath and walked over swiftly. He dragged the man all the way to a nearby yard under a tree and put a recorder pen in his hand. "Bro! Listen to this! Right! This! Moment!"

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