Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1775



As if it was a darkness that would not come to an end...

She did not know how long she had been walking for, nor did she know how far she had walked...

She only knew that this road did not seem to have an end...

So tired...

So tired...

Just like that...

Just lay down here like that...

Her consciousness was gradually stripped away, swallowed bit by bit by the darkness...

However, every time she was about to be swallowed by that swamp-like darkness, there would always be a weak beam of light shining ahead weakly yet persistently. There seemed to be a gentle and beautiful voice by her ears too. It had never stopped injecting her body with energy in a steady flow.

She got up again and continued to walk, continued to walk...

She was too exhausted and did not know what was going on. She could not think about anything, but she still remembered one thing - that at the end of that weak light was something very important waiting for her...


The tug-of-war kept repeating like that. She was not sure how long it had persisted, how many times.

Finally, that light was becoming brighter and brighter as if it was closer to her now... much closer.

She fought hard with her last bit of strength, running against the direction of that light with all her might.

Boom! There was an explosion!

The glaring white light engulfed her entire being, her entire world turning from the extreme darkness to extreme brightness.

Inside this room that was filled with a floral fragrance, on a simple bed with exquisite wooden carvings that was designed to be exceptionally cozy, there was a girl dressed in a white sleeping gown. Her eyes that had not reacted the slightest for a long time were now trembling.

Some time passed when those pair of eyes finally, gradually opened up bit by bit. Her eyelashes were like the wings of a butterfly that started to unfold.

The early morning's first beam of sunlight filled those pair of crystal clear eyes. It was unfathomably beautiful.

Her sight was saturated with the glaring white light. After a long while, her vision slowly recovered and she could see everything before her clearly.

Above her were a lace canopy and a ceiling with a classic design. It was a clean and elegant room that was decorated tastefully. On the table was an enameled vase with a bunch of beautiful wildflowers. The wind chimes at the door were making tinkling sounds in the breeze.

Outside the window, the gem-like surface of the lake wasoverflowing with light and colors, reflecting the sky and the morning sun above them.

It was a fairytale-like place.

Had she just come from a nightmare to a sweet dream?

Ning Xi looked around. After she finished examining her surroundings, she then used her arms to push herself up slowly.

Her initially nimble body had, for some reason, become extremely stiff. Although she had just tried to sit up, she had done it with much difficulty.

Also, the breathing mask on her face plus all sorts of instruments and wirings attached to her made her unhappy.

Ning Xi did as she wished. One by one, she took all of those things off and used along while to get used to her stiff body before she slowly got down from the bed and muddleheadedly walked out of the room.

Ning Xi's entire body felt like she was stepping on clouds. She felt like she was floating about and unconsciously, she found herself walking downstairs past the garden. She drifted further away aimlessly.

If this was still a dream, she liked this dream.

It had been too long. She was done with the darkness.

Now in this dream, at least she could see, hear, and move.

This dream was great.

She kept walking...


She walked to the entrance of a little store filled with books, magazines, and newspapers.

In the shop, an old man was sitting inside and watching television. The television seemed to be showing the entertainment news, then came the regretful voice of a female host.

"Sigh, the rookies seem to be getting worse with each generation. It looks like Han Zixuan's job-hopping had a huge impact on Glory World Entertainment. Once the leader of the entertainment industry, it is now rapidly waning. I'm afraid they're about to withdraw from the history of entertainment..."

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