Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1776

"Sigh, the rookies seem to be getting worse with each generation. It looks like Han Zixuan's job-hopping had a huge impact on Glory World Entertainment. Once the leader of the entertainment industry, it is now rapidly waning. I'm afraid they're about to withdraw from the history of entertainment..."

Ning Xi's wandering thoughts came back when she saw this news.

She looked blankly at herself, then observed the town.

Was she dreaming?

Where was this? Why was she here after she woke up? Where was Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure?

Was Little Treasure not kidnapped by Qiao Yi?

However, it did not feel real

She could not understand the entertainment news from the television at all.

Who was Han Zixuan?

Was Glory World Entertainment dwindling?

She looked up at the television, but the news had ended. The old man changed the channel and was enjoying his soap opera.

Ning Xi's eyes were set on the newspapers in front of the stall as she said gently, "Bo-"

Her voice was hoarse like sandpaper rubbingtogether. Were her vocal cords injured as well?


Ning Xi tried again. It went much smoother this time.

It did not feel like she was injured; more like she had not spoken for a long time and had not adapted to it.

"I'm here! What do you need?" The uncle peeled his eyes off the television and looked at the girl in front of his stall.

The next moment, the owner was stunned. He did not even realize the cup was overflowing while he kept pouring alcohol into it as he just stared at Ning Xi

The girl did not put on any makeup or accessories. She had waist-long black hair and was wearing a white skirt with some little flowers on it. The immense flower bed behind her was not able to steal the highlight away from her

Simply too beautiful

She was like an angel that had fallen from the sky


Ning Xi called him a few times before he came back to his senses. "Ah... You... What do you need?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't bring any money out... May I have a look at these newspapers?"

"S-sure! Of course! Feel free to look around!"

"Thank you."

Ning Xi took up the nearest paper and flipped to the entertainment news.

The headline consisted of a picture from a scene. The woman in the picture was wearing an ancient, red Oriental dress. She sat on the yellow sand with a big earthen jar of Chinese wine beside her. With her bright red lips, elegant eyebrows, she was a rampant beauty

The title of the headline was "Guo Qisheng Directing The TV Series of 'The World', Han Zixuan Confirmed to Take Up the Role Of Meng Changge".

Han Zixuan

This name again

Was Guo Qisheng making a TV series of "The World"?

How was that possible?

She never heard about it before!

Ning Xi flipped through several other newspapers and realized that the name Han Zixuan appeared frequently. Most of the newspapers and magazines were talking about her.

She even saw an ambiguous photo of her and Jiang Muye

The two of them were kissing in a dark bar. While the image was unclear, it was obvious that the man in the picture was Jiang Muye

What had happened?

After a night's sleep

The whole world had changed so much!

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