Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1778

Chapter 1778: Long Time No See
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A vegetative-state person in bed could not walk or jump on her own. The caretaker had no idea how Ning Xi had vanished.

A man in a black suit came into the room with a defeated expression. "Second Master, I've contacted everyone and no one has reported anything odd... and I've checked around. There's no sign of anyone breaking in"

Lu Jingli stared at the empty bed and the machines that had been obviously yanked around. He did not want to hear anything else as he held his head in despair and kept on repeating the same phrase, "It's over... It's over"

Xiao Xi Xi was now his brother's life!

If something went wrong

His brother, Little Treasure... Even the whole Lu family might not be able to take this blow

The sanatorium was so heavily guarded and lacked human contact due to the tight security, so they wanted to switch places for Xiao Xi Xi and hopefully, it would help her a little. There was no overly complicated security in the house like there was in the sanatorium.

A year passed and Ning Xi's name was nowhere to be seen in the entertainment industry. No one tracked her news anymore. As for other possibilities

The people in town were pretty simple. They had even set up a security perimeter around the town, so they would have noticed if anyone suspicious entered.

Then, just who could have brought Xiao Xi Xi away?

Who else could move a person away without anyone noticing?

Could it be the mysterious man from before?

Unlimited possibilities were running through his mind. Lu Jingli fisted his hair in frustration.

"She's gone! She's gone! She's gone! How can she be gone?! How can there be no traces at all? Is it even possible that she got down from the bed and walked out on her own?

"If someone brought her away, they must still be in the town! Go and look around! Get everybody on it! No matter what, we need to find her before my brother finds out! Quick!"

Lu Jingli was yelling and his voice echoed through the house. A flock of birds nearby were scared off.

At that moment

There was a lazy and hoarse voice behind him.

"Mmm... Who are you looking for? Me?"


The air froze.

Lu Jingli seemed petrified. His whole body turned into a rock. Only after some time, he turned around slowly.

He then saw a girl with long black hair in a white dress. Her hair was rippling in the wind

The caretaker and the man in the black suit were stunned when they saw the girl who had suddenly appeared.

Lu Jingli just stared at the girl in front of him, his mouth was wide open and his mind went out of control. He did not know how to react.

Ning Xi smiled gently at the awkward man, "Second Master, long time no see."

Lu Jingli's eyes went watery as tears rolled down his face. "Xiao Xi Xi"
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