Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1782

At the bar.

The music was very loud and bright lights were dancing everywhere to the tempo of the music.

Lu Jingli led Ning Xi into the bar through a special entry, carefully shielding her.

When they reached the entrance, Lu Jingli suddenly stopped and had a serious expression on his face. "Wait, wait... Sister-in-law, let's get something to cover your face! It's attracting too much attention!"

He then grabbed a silver mask that was able to cover half her face from the bar top and put it on Ning Xi, feeling much safer.

Ning Xi looked around the noisy environment, then sheunderstood why Lu Tingxiao would go there to get himself drunk.

Only places like this made him feel alive.

Ning Xi felt an excruciating pain twist her insides.

"My brother is upstairs." Lu Jingli pointed somewhere on the second floor.

The first level was a crowded dance floor, while the second floor had several semi-closed rooms, from which people could watch the dance floor. Those on the dance floor, on the other hand, would not be able to see anything in the room. In those private rooms, one could have a bird's eye view of the whole place, but not be disturbed at the same time.

"Sister-in-law, actually... I think you should be gentler... For example, I was almost scared to death just now!" Lu Jingli was still trying to convince her as he brought her upstairs.

"Am I not gentle?"

"No, no! I didn't mean that! I just want to know how you'll be springing the surprise on my brother. At least, I can be mentally prepared!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "What do you need to prepare when I'm giving your brother a surprise!? Stop messing around and bring me there. Do you think I'll eat him alive?"

"Uhh, of course not! You're not like that!" Lu Jingli said.

"How do you know? It's just that my body isn't what it used to be before!" Ning Xi sounded regretful.

Lu Jingli was speechless.

Ning Xi was getting impatient with Lu Jingli's nagging and she went forward towards the room.

The hulking bodyguard in the black suit blocked the door like a mountain when he saw someone coming. "If you've got no business here, you aren't allowed here."

Lu Jingli quickly went up to ask, "Is my brother inside?"

The bodyguard's expression softened when he saw Lu Jingli. "Yes, Second Master, he's inside."

"Oh, okay. Then, open the door and let her in," Lu Jingli ordered.

The bodyguard was looking at the unknown masked woman alertly hesitantly. "Second Master, this"

"It's okay, move away. I'll take responsibility if anything happens." Lu Jingli waved his hand.

The bodyguard shifted away since he saw it was someone Lu Jingli had brought personally and the Second Master had said so with such certainty.

Lu Jingli was about to enter the room with Ning Xi when she raised her eyebrows and stopped him. "Why are you following me?"

Lu Jingli was trying to make his final struggle. "Well, my being in there doesn't really affect your surprise, does it?"

Ning Xi grinned. "If you're not afraid of what you're about to see, then come on in. While I might not be able to do a lot with my current body, it'd be enough to make you jealous!"

Lu Jingli quickly changed his tone in the next moment. "Please go in, Sister-in-law. I'll guard the door for you outside!"

Just how could he be responsible!?

Xiao Xi Xi was going to make things wild, and he would not be able to bear any responsibility!

He could not do anything anyway since he was at the bottom of the food chain!

Bro, don't blame me! I was forced to do so!

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