Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1783

Ning Xi pushed the door and went inside.

The room had a simple design. A black coffee table was in the middle with a U-shaped calf leather sofa surrounding it. Opposite it was a semi-closed European-style railing from which one could take in all of the clamor and bustle below.

The room was exceptionally clean and not as messy as she expected.

While the environment outside was noisy, this room felt isolated, providing herwith an intense feeling of loneliness.

What attracted her was the man on the sofa.

Ning Xi felt every single sound pass by her ear when she saw the person. The bright lights around her turned dim as well.

In her eyes, in her whole world, there was only one light left; only this person in front of her was left.

The man's eyes were cold as he pursed his lips and closed his eyes. He put his elbow on the sofa arm and rested his head on his arm. If it were not for the numerous amount of empty wine bottles beside him, anyone would think he was just thinking or taking a rest.

This man was so disciplined even when he was getting himself drunk.

Ning Xi held back the urge to cry. Instead, she stood there and smiled. "Mister, do you need some service?"

The girl's dry and hoarse voice joined the noisy music.

"Get lost."

The next moment, a wine glass smashed to the floor beside her feet.

While the glass did not injure her, the man's overwhelming rage and the cold aura he emitted was enough to make anyone feel like a death god was pointing a blade at their throat.

The girl did not seem to sense the danger. She went up to the man. "Are you sure, Mister? I'm sure you'll be satisfied with me."

"Do you want to die?"

The man on the sofa opened his eyes and glared at her with his striking cold eyes.

At the same time, Ning Xi's legs seem to have its own consciousness. They went forward, ignoring everything as they continued to march towards the man's direction.

All the surprise ideas in her head had now turned into one single thought: get near him! Hug him! Kiss him!

"Miss you"

The next moment, the girl took off her mask, her cloud-like weight falling into the man's arms.

At the same time, her lips connected with the man's lips without thinking like soft petals.

When the familiar face came into his sight, when her gentle body fell onto his, when the girl's sweet fragrance filled his nose

The man tensed up. His hands were frozen mid-air as they lost command. He just sat there without moving and let the girl kiss him

A few seconds ago, he was exuding such an immense intent to kill, but now he let down all his armor and showed his weakness. Ning Xi's heart ached with pain.

After that, she pushed the man down on the sofa with the feeble strength she mustered. Her hair formed a curtain above the man's face.

The man's deep, dark eyes were staring right at the girl. His hand on her waist suddenly tightened as he trembled slightly.

"Mmm, don't pinch me! You'll feel your heart ache!" The girl lay down on the man's chest, then she gently bit the man on his lips. "Darling, I'm back"

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