Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785: You've Scared Him
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Mister, do you need some service?"

"I miss you"

"Are you sure, Mister? I'm sure you'll be satisfied with me."

"Darling, I'm back"



Every scene of his dream started to rush forth like the tide.

He had thought that God's biggest mercy unto him was to finally let him see her in his dreams.

If this was a dream, he would be willing to never wake up forever.

Yet, he never would have thought that after he had woken up, all of this would actually be not a dream... It was real...

When he saw his own brother's stunned expression, Lu Jingli cleared his throat and looked away. "Bro, don't ask me, ask her!"

At this moment, the girl in his embrace rubbed against him like a cat with her shaggy head, then she yawned as she opened her eyes in a daze. She kissed the corner of the man's lips. "Mmm... Darling! You've woken up! Did you sleep well?"

When he saw that Ning Xi had woken up, Lu Jingli immediately could not help but start to mock, "Sis-in-law, you've frightened me! You didn't come out for so long! I thought you did something to him! Did you actually get to speak to my brother properly?"

Ning Xi sat on Lu Tingxiao's and rocked her legs. She held onto his neck and rubbed against him lovingly as she rolled her eyes at Lu Jingli. "Do you think I'm stupid? Of course, I did!"

Lu Jingli was dumbfounded. "If you did, why's my brother still looking utterly confused?! I already told you not to frighten him, yet you had to give him a surprise! Great! Now, you've scared him!"

"He was drunk, so he thought he was dreaming. I saw that he was extremely tired, so I just let him have a decent nap first! How did I frighten him? Darling, did I scare you? I was gentle! Darling wanted me to accompany him, so I did. Darling wanted me to smile, so I smiled for him. Darling wanted me to sing, so I sang..." Ning Xi looked like an obedient little bunny.

Lu Jingli expressed that he did not believe a single word. "I don't believe you!"


Moments later, the two noisy people sat down on the sofa, seeming well-behaved.

Strictly speaking, it was Lu Jingli who was sitting on the sofa being well-behaved.

Ning Xi grumbled about how the sofa was uncomfortable, and immediately she was carefully carried back to sit on a certain someone's lap. Furthermore, a layer of blanket appeared to create padding for her.

Lu Tingxiao's expression was incredibly serious. "What's going on?"

Ning Xi went along, "Fool, Darling is asking you to explain!"

Lu Jingli shrugged helplessly. "Pfft, why is it me?! This thing was clearly started by you! It was you who wanted to mess around!"

Ning Xi simply said, "Darling, my throat hurts."

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Jingli, speak."

Lu Jingli was tortured by this display of affection that he almost wanted to slam his head on the ground. It was his misfortune that he could only accept his fate and explain the entire process about Ning Xi waking up without leaving out a single detail to Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao instantly frowned. "She was messing around and you played along?"

"I know I'm wrong!" Lu Jingli lowered his head and admitted his fault. He had indeed been wrong in this incident. He should not have let this person mess around. Previously, he had already regretted it.

"Immediately have all the doctors wait at Deer Town. Also, contact Annie," Lu Tingxiao instantly ordered rapidly as if they had to be on guard against all threats.


Ning Xi mumbled softly on the side, feeling wronged, "I didn't mess around. Obviously, the first thing I want to do after waking up is to see you!"

Lu Jingli was speechless.

She had slept for a year, yet this skill of brown nosing had not deteriorated at all...

Lu Tingxiao's body trembled as he pulled the girl into his arms. "Xiao Xi, I can't lose you a second time."
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