Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1786

In a building in Deer Town.

After all of the doctors received their orders, they gotall ready in order and were on alert.

When Ning Xi suddenly noticed that the room was slowly filling with people in white garments and complex instruments, she instantly felt the entire situation getting on her nerves.

Lu Tingxiao immediately sensed her restlessness. "Be good. Your body must go through a complete check-up. It'll be quick."

Ning Xi nodded obediently.

After a thorough check up.

"How's it?" Lu Tingxiao's thin lips tensed into a line. Beside him, Lu Jingli looked nervous too.

The chief doctor fixed the spectacles on the bridge of his nose and looked emotionally, yet happily at Lu Tingxiao. "All ofMadam Lu's indicators of health are normal. If I may even say it, for her to be able to maintain such a condition is a miracle. All of this can be credited towards Madam Lu's impeccable body foundations, appropriate nursing, and most importantly, that ointment concocted by that young, highly skilled doctor. Indeed, it has magical effects!"

This expert, who was older than all of them, expressed a genuine exclamation in his tone.

At the start, Lu Tingxiao had insisted on trusting that young lady to let the patient use those medications of unknown origins. The doctor had objected many times and had even felt that his authority was being challenged.

At this moment, he really could not help but lament that there were no boundaries in medicine. There were still too many mysteries and experts among peoplethat he did not know about in this world.

"Now, she feels that her body is stiff, weak in strength, her breath is impeded, and her throat is uncomfortable. Are all these normal?" Lu Tingxiao asked one by one seriously. He did not dare lower his guard at all.

When the doctor heard the symptoms, he consoled him with a relaxed tone, "Mr. Lu, I've checked thoroughly. There aren't any huge issues. After all, she's been lying down for so long! All of these are perfectly normal. Later on, I'll arrange for a complete rehabilitation plan for Madam. I believe that with her foundation, she'll be able to recover very quickly.

"Only, be sure to take it step by step! You can't be impatient in order to avoid hurting her fundamentals. This body of hers needs to properly recuperate!"

Lu Tingxiao took note of everything. "Thank you."

"Bro Xi..." At this moment, there came a girl's voice that was trembling slightly and in disbelief from the door.


When she heard the girl's familiar voice, Ning Xi immediately hopped down the bed and shuffled towards the door.

"Bro Xi, slow down! You can't move around vigorously right now!" Annie panicked as she went up to greet and hold her. In the next second, her eyes filled with tears. "Bro Xi, you've really woken up... When Second Master called me, I thought I was dreaming!"

Ning Xi lightly patted the girl's back as she choked on her sobs. "Don't cry! Am I not up right now? Annie, thanks for your trouble during this period. The doctor said that the ointment you concocted for me was very useful!"

Annie quickly shook her head. "Bro Xi, it's no trouble at all. Actually, I didn't do anything. When you were severely ill and in a coma, I couldn't help with anything. Tthe only thing I could do was to try my best to slow down the degeneration of your bodily functions. The gathering of the herbal ingredients and your nursing was all taken care of by Mr. Lu's end."

"Annie, could I trouble you totake Ning Xi's pulse?" Beside them, Lu Tingxiao requested.

At this moment, Annie remembered the most important thing. She quickly helped Ning Xi to take a seat. "Bro Xi, come over and sit down. Let me take a look!"

"Okay!" Ning Xi sat down by the table and held out her hand.

Annie put her fingers on Ning Xi's pulse, her face full of concentration.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched Annie, waiting for her diagnosis.

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