Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1788

The reflection in the girl's eyes was full of his shadows. "And now, I have something even more important than just my dreams."

The man's heart felt like it was hit by a large impact. "Are you sure?"

The girl smiled sweetly. "My job is done. I just want to be with you and Little Treasure now."

If it were in the past, she would have regretted it if she were to retire from the peak of her career, but after returning from death's door, she understood what were the most important things in her life.

The man kissed the girl's forehead tenderly. "Little Treasure and I will always support you no matter what decision you make."

Ning Xi's body required more rest right now, and returning to her former state was impossible to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

He was worried that Ning Xi might not be able to accept the fact that everyone had forgotten her after she woke up.

He did not expect the girl to surprise him once again.

"Oh, Little Treasure is coming back soon, isn't he? Let's go pick him up!" Ning Xi looked at the time and exclaimed.

"Okay, let's go and pick Little Treasure up."

"Wait, let me change my clothes first! Is there anything I can change into here?" She searched frantically and just put on a jacket.

"Yes, wait."

After a moment, Ning Xi changed into a light pink dress, her long hair left loose behind her back.

"Is it okay?"

"Looks great."

"What about my hair?"


After they got into the car, Ning Xi kept on checking herself in the mirror. "Lu Tingxiao, do you think Little Treasure will hate me? I've made him wait for so long"

Ning Xi was really anxious for the entire journey.

"Don't worry, he won't," Lu Tingxiao comforted.

"In the past year... has Little Treasure been alright?" Ning Xi asked hesitantly.

"He's been good, but he misses you a lot."

Ning Xi was feeling uneasy. A lot of time had passed after all.

Maybe Little Treasure forgot about me

Maybe he will distance himself

Did he get taller?

Maybe Little Treasure likes some other Aunty now

In the midst of her overthinking, they reached the school entrance.

It was not Little Treasure's kindergarten that they stopped at. It was a primary school. Little Treasure was currently in first grade.

There was about ten minutes left before school was over. Lu Tingxiao parked by the roadside quietly.

Time passed by very slowly


Finally, the school bell rang over and over again as it echoed across the sky.

Voices of the children started to come out of the quiet school as they ran out of the classrooms happily

Ning Xi looked among the students and parents

After another ten minutes, there were fewer and fewer people around the entrance, but there was still no sign of Little Treasure.

Ning Xi was a little worried. "Why is Little Treasure not out yet?"

After a while, until there was almost no one else at the entrance, Ning Xi saw a familiar silhouette.

The little guy had his bag on his back as usual with no expression at all. He was holding a square box in his hands.

Ning Xi's tears started falling the moment she saw the little guy. "Little Treasure has gotten taller"

"Mmm, 6 cm taller."

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