Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1789

Lu Tingxiao opened the door. "I'll go and pick him up. Don't come down. There're a lot of people and cars around here."

"Okay." Ning Xi's gaze did not leave Little Treasure at all as she nodded half-heartedly.

Lu Tingxiao went down and walked towards his son.

Little Treasure, who was waiting by the entrance, started walking towards his father when he saw him.

Lu Tingxiao patted his son's head tenderly. "Why are you so late today?"

Little Treasure gazed down at the box in his hands. "There was a cooking class. I made a cake for Mommy."

Lu Tingxiao looked at the cake, then he took it and walked towards the car as he held his son's hand.

The both of them passed by a stall selling some bamboo strip toys. There were butterflies, ants, and some other characters made out of bamboo strips.

The stall owner made an offer when he saw the cute little boy staring at his wares. "Hello there! Do you like them? Have your daddy buy you one!"

Little Treasure turned around and left without hesitation.

None of them looked as good as those Mommy made!

Little Treasure stopped when they reached the car. "I'm going to Grandfather's house today. Please bring the cake to Mommy for me."

Lu Tingxiao did not reply.

Little Treasure frowned and looked at his father.

"I" Little Treasure thought his father had not heard him and was about to repeat himself.

Then, Lu Tingxiao interrupted him. "Hand it over yourself."

He opened the door.

Little Treasure's expression changed instantly as he stared at the backseat of the car.

The little guy seemed to have seen something impossible. He stood there stunned with his mouth wide open, no words coming out of it.

Ning Xi could not care much about her anxious emotions anymore. She went out of the car and embraced the little guy warmly. "Baby"

Little Treasure was engulfed by a warm hug and his eyes flew open wide. Tears started to roll down his cheeks

The little guy called out to her with his trembling voice, "Mommy"

"I'm sorry that I made you wait for so long."


"I'm here!"

"Mommy" The little guy hung onto his mother's neck and cried uncontrollably.

All the waiting, all his memories, they all came to him like a flash flood.

Ning Xi was heartbroken when Little Treasure cried so hard. "I'm sorry... I'm really sorry, baby"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the crying mother and son pair with gentle eyes. He reminded Little Treasure gently, "Didn't you have something for your mother?"

Little Treasure then stopped crying. He sobbed as he took the box from his father and handed it to his mother.

"Is this for me?" Ning Xi asked.

Little Treasure nodded.

Ning Xi opened the box carefully. Inside it was a cake and jam had been used to draw on top of the cake.

With the use of brisk, simple lines, there was an illustrated woman lying in the bed with a small child beside her

Her Little Treasure had never forgotten about her...

Ning Xi felt regretful when she thought about how the little guy had been sitting by her side alone as he waited for her to wake up. Why did she not wake up earlier, much earlier?

"Thank you... I like it a lot... Thank you"

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