Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1790

Inside a high-class apartment in Imperial.

It was an absolute mess in the living room.

Sparks were coming out of the cracked TV on the wall. There was a loud crash from the impact of a game controller being thrown onto a photo frame.

Lei Ming was covering his head as he hid in a corner. He was crying helplessly, "My Little Master! Stop smashing things... Stop... Please calm down"

"Am I not goddamned calm enough now?!" Jiang Muye roared furiously, then he kicked the coffee table in front of the sofa.

The items on the coffee table were thrown everywhere. Even the laptop was not able to escape his wrath.

On the flickering screen was an entertainment news. A picture took up most of the screen.

It was a dark bar. A couple was in an ambiguous position and were about to kiss.

The people in the picture were the famed Jiang Muye and Han Zixuan.

The picture quickly showed up in most headlines of the major news sites and appeared in the hot topic section of Weibo.

At the same time, the Netizens dug up past news and ambiguous relationships between them. Fueled by the combination of the media and the people, everyone thought that they were already an item.

"Yes, yes, yes! You're just being angry at your home. You're very calm!"

Lei Ming forced himself to say some words of comfort. "Muye, you've been in the scene for a very long time. Just how many female artistes have been trying to leech off your popularity already? It's just a small matter! You don't have to be this angry and risk injuring yourself!"

"Is there anyone as shameless as her? She's been doing this again and again! You think I really don't know what she's been doing behind my back?" Jiang Muye was like an enraged lion whose anger would not subside at all.

"Yes, yes... At first, she was just an artiste from Glory World. It's unavoidable that you'd need to guide her a little. We just allowed them to do whatever they were trying to do.

"This time, they are really overdoing it by leaking the photos to the media without even letting us know!"

Lei Ming's tone sounded upset, but what had happened had passed. He needed to find a solution that would not cost him his life.

Jiang Muye's expression darkened. "Post a clarification notice right now! If you don't, then I'll post it on Weibo myself!"

"No, no, no! My Little Master, please don't touch your Weibo!"

In Jiang Muye's current condition, he would probably cause a big mess if he posted anything on Weibo right now.

Lei Ming almost knelt before him as he continued to convince Jiang Muye. "Muye, think about it. Why would Han Zixuan's team want to leak this photo right now? They probably just want to boost the popularity of the upcoming 'The World'!

"To be honest, this tactic is beneficial to Han Zixuan, us, and the crew. It's a triple win situation!"

"Huh, so you mean you want me to stay down?" Jiang Muye smiled questionably.

He did not want to take on the role for "The World" at first, but it was a meaningful project for Ning Xi, so he could not stand by and let the others destroy it.

Lei Ming gulped. As a manager,of course, he wished for him to lie low. He would prefer to not have conflicts at all, but he could not say it out loud.

Han Zixuan's side had decided to do so because they expected them not to do anything about it.

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