Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1791

Lei Ming was having a really bad headache. He had been living in hell ever since Ning Xi retired and Ling Zhizhi quit her job.

"Muye, it's not that I don't want to clarify. I can't! The crew is very strict on being secretive about this movie. If you expose the movie to clarify yourself, Han Zixuan's side won't be responsible at all. They can just say that they didn't know why the photo was leaked. We'd be in trouble by then! This is Chen Mian's movie!"

Actually, Jiang Muye had taken on a small role out of respect for Chen Mian.

The person who benefited the most from this leaked photo was Han Zixuan.

"The contract signing ceremony for 'The World' is happening soon. If this thing goes out of hand, the crew from 'The World' will be affected too. Both main actors fought with each other before the filming started. What would people think about it?" Lei Ming tried to convince him with all his might.

Jiang Muye's attitude changed a little after he heard that "The World" might be affected.

Lei Ming quickly continued, "Wait until Chen Mian's movie is announced officially and the filming for 'The World' starts, then we'll clarify and all will be good. Just bear with it for a little while longer"

Lei Ming finally managed to convince Jiang Muye and avoided a catastrophe.

The rumor between Jiang Muye and Han Zixuan was becoming more and more popular in a short amount of time. Even the upcoming "The World" became successful because of it.

Sun Huanqing and Meng Changge in the new version of "The World" would be played by the popular secondary cast from the movie, covering the regrets of the fans, and attracting a lot of attention.

Many comments and discussions were sparked online.

"Wow! Han Zixuan as Meng Changge, Jiang Muye as Sun Huanqing! I'm really looking forward to this cast! I have a feeling that it'll be better than the original!"

"Of course, they are a pair in real life, after all! They'd just be acting as themselves!"

"I'm so heartbroken. The goddess is taken! But why are they keeping it a secret? The news seems to have been going on for a long while!"

"It's probably the guy's side. You know what I mean!"

"If it's really the guy who wants to keep it a secret, Jiang Muye might really be a jerk. He wants to be in a relationship without giving her a proper title!"

At the Imperial Royal Jazz Hotel.

The press conference for the famed "The World" had finally arrived.

Almost all the media arrived. The whole multipurpose hall was filled up, and even the walkway was packed with journalists with their cameras on standby.

Han Zixuan wore an iconic little reddress. Her dark hair and fair skin along with her beautiful face stood out. There was quite a fuss when she arrived and they took many shots of her.

"Hello, everyone!" Han Zixuan greeted the media politely, then she sat down on the seat with her name in front.

At the table was the director Guo Qisheng, the co-director Wang Linhai, the producer Qin An, the scriptwriter Ye Linglong, Han Zixuan's manager Zheng Anru, and the two main leads, Han Zixuan and Jiang Muye.

A trailer played before they introduced all the characters. There were some new faces and many original actors from the movie as well.

The ones left now were the two highly acclaimed main actors.

At this moment, everyone else had arrived except Jiang Muye and his manager.

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