Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1793

The first reporter, who was picked to shoot his question, asked in excitement, "I believe my question is asked on behalf of all the media and the fans. Zixuan and Muye, are you guys really together?"

There was a big fuss when the question was asked.

It was pretty big news anyway, so everyone was looking at them with high expectations.

Jiang Muye's indifferent expression slowly froze up

Lei Ming was freaked out by the question. He stared at Jiang Muye carefully and was afraid that he might explode any moment.

Lei Ming forced a smile and replied, "Haha, it's just a misunderstanding. Don't overthink it,everyone!"

The reporter would not back down so easily. "The photo is so obvious. I'm afraid it's not just some misunderstanding!"

As Lei Ming was about to reply that they would give everyone an appropriate explanation in due time, Han Zixuan's manager, Zheng Anru, interrupted, "I'm sorry. Thank you for everyone's concern towards Zixuan, but today is the press conference for 'The World'. I hope everyone can focus their questions on the series itself!"

Lei Ming's expression darkened.

The others might not understand it, but he fully understood the underlying meaning.

She acted like the good cop to end the question, but her words were basically admitting it!

As expected, the reporter stopped asking, but everyone's eyes seemed different. They most likely thought that their relationship was secure.

The other reporters started asking more questions.

"Zixuan, this time it's a remake. Are you worried that you might not be able to surpass the original?" The second reporter asked.

This question was no doubt the toughest question for a new artiste participating in a remake.

Han Zixuan replied without a change in expression as she looked calm and composed, "There's no surpassing, and I don't have to surpass anyone. I am myself."

Her short reply seemed confident, but not arrogant, leaving a good impression on everyone at the scene.

Jiang Muye stared at the woman beside him and grinned sarcastically.

The third reporter looked at Jiang Muye and asked, "Muye, it's been about two years. How do you feel about playing the role of Sun Huanqing again? Are you satisfied with your new partner?"

Lei Ming opened up his palm in secret and let Jiang Muye see the answer he had prepared for him.

Ignoring Lei Ming, Jiang Muye replied, "Do I have a choice?"

Lei Ming was speechless.

Well... that was a pretty okay answer coming from him

"Haha, Muye just loves to joke around. Of course, we're very happy with the candidate the crew spent three months selecting. We're really looking forward to working together."

No matter what happened, Han Zixuan kept a smile on her face. Zheng Anru was looking at Jiang Muye with a moody expression.

Soon, everyone's questionswere answered.

As the end approached, the host said, "One last question! Yes, the one in thered shirt!"

The girl in red shirt looked really excited. She took a deep breath and stood up as she looked at Han Zixuan with a serious expression. "Everyone knows that 'The World' is the famed work of Ning Xi. It also helped her score the Golden Film Award's title of Best Female Secondary Lead. Her acting as Meng Changge was absolutely remarkable."

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