Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1794

"To many of the old fans, Ning Xi's portrayal of Meng Changge is their conviction. Even if the ending of the movie's ending was regretful, there is a beauty in regret too. I'd like to ask Ms. Zixuan, what are your thoughts towards the feelings of these fans of the original piece?"

This question took a different approach but had a similar outcome to the first question earlier. However, it was more biting. The girl had even mentioned the name that was almost forgotten by the public. She straight up pointed out that Han Zixuan could not compare with Ning Xi, that she would tarnish the original version of Meng Changge in the old fans' hearts.

When she heard the name in such a sarcastic question, Han Zixuan did not react extraordinarily as if that person was just an insignificant name.

At this moment, Zheng Anru spoke from the side, "Allow me to answer this question on behalf of Zixuan."

Zheng Anru paused, then she continued, "The reason I'll be answering is that Zixuan doesn't know or understand the artiste named Ning Xi that you've mentioned.

"To avoid affecting the original work, Zixuan has never once seen the original movie. Just as Zixuan had answered earlier, she doesn't need to surpass anyone. She just needs to be her best version of herself."

Haha, did not know?

Did not understand?

The curve of Jiang Muye's taunting smile was even more obvious now.

She was a person who had taken over all of Ning Xi's opportunities, initiated the routes that Ning Xi took, and stolen more than half of Ning Xi's fan. To break free from Ning Xi's radiance, she had maliciously breached her contract and left the company. Even the way she responded to the reporter earlier was a botched mimic of Ning Xi's arrogant style...

Was this called "not understanding"?

When Han Zixuan's manager said this, she looked slightly crossed as she continued to say to the public, "Since Zixuan started her career, she has experienced many malicious slanders. Also. because her appearance is outstanding, she's also been compared with many other female stars who are just pretty and have no substance.

"However, time and her capabilities can prove everything. Zixuan cannot be placed on par with a sub-standard person who uses her face and body to make it to the top. This is an insult to Zixuan!"

The instant Han Zixuan finished, Jiang Muye's lazy eyes suddenly widened as an earth-shattering coldness started to spread...

On the side, Lei Ming had been frightened stiff by Zheng Anru's words!

He had been by Jiang Muye's side for a long time, and he was clear about what was Jiang Muye's bottom line and untouchable spot!

"Used face and body to make it to the top..." Zheng Anru had said these words because during the period when Ning Xi had started to vanish, many people had suspected and maliciously created rumors that it was because Ning Xi had been kept as a mistress...

Zheng Anru was clearly implying this.

Lei Ming was so anxious that his forehead was overflowing with cold sweat. He fixed his gaze on Jiang Muye, afraid that he would do something impulsive.

Unfortunately, Zheng Anru's own artiste had clearly been stepping on Ning Xi's head all the way and then harped on Jiang Muye's popularity to make it to the top, yet now she continued tocondemn Ning Xi righteously. She fearlessly twisted the facts just becauseNing Xi had long retired and no one paid any more attention to her.

"Here, I'd like to solemnly state to all the media that I hope everyone won't ask such insulting questions in the future! Don't mention Zixuan's name with some unbearable people of poor moral conduct!" Zheng Anru substantially stated her final conclusion.

Lei Ming's hands were shaking as he was about to pee in his pants from the fright, yet he saw that Jiang Muye sat obediently on the chair, playing with his phone as if he did not notice Zheng Anru's words. He let out a sigh of relief.

However, the instant he felt relieved, Jiang Muye put his phone back into his pocket and suddenly stood up with everyone watching. Then, he started making his way towards the door in strides.

All of the crew members and journalists, including Lei Ming, were baffled...

Suddenly, there was a cacophony of buzzing and ringing of phones in the room...

They had all set a special notification on their Weibo for some of the more important artistes in the entertainment industry.

Everyone had received a notification that just a few seconds ago, Jiang Muye had updated a new Weibo post.

Jiang Muye had shared a post about the scandalous news between him and Han Zixuan. That scandal had a picture of them kissing attached. In fact, they had romanticized Jiang Muye and Han Zixuan's passionate history. All the comments were about how infatuated Jiang Muye was with Han Zixuan.

However, in that Weibo post that Jiang Muye had shared, he had written two words: [F*ck your mother!]

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