Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1797

I'm afraid I can't do that

Can't do that

Ning Xi's face turned pale when she heard Lu Tingxiao and she was stunned.

She used up all her might to stay calm, then forced herself to ask, "Why?"

Lu Tingxiao took his hand away from the girl's palm and showed her the back of his hand.

Under the sunlight, Ning Xi could clearly see a simple ring on Lu Tingxiao's ring finger.

Was that... a wedding ring?

Countless possibilities had flashed in her mind the moment before, but she never expected things to turn out this way.

Lu Tingxiao... was married?

That ring was so simple-looking that perhaps she never realized it up until now.

"You... you're married?" Ning Xi had no idea how she managed to ask this question.

"Yes." Lu Tingxiao gave her a firm answer.

Bloodlust practically spurted out of Ning Xi's eyes as she felt confused. "Who's that woman?"

"She" Lu Tingxiao paused, then helooked at the girl and continued, "She's the cutest, kindest, and brightest girl I've ever seen in my life"

The girl in front of him was clenching her fists. She was about to turn into an evil dragon.

"The first time we met, the way she questioned my sexual orientation was cute. When I offered myself to her, the way she fled was cute. She liked me so much, but the way she denied it was cute"

Ning Xi was confused when she heard Lu Tingxiao.

"My wife... She's cute when she calls me Lu Tingxiao. She's cute when she calls me 'Boss'. She's also cute when she calls me 'darling'. She's even cute when she's about to bite me to death in front of me right now"

Ning Xi was stunned speechless. It took her a while to regain her voice. "You... What do you mean?"

Lu Tingxiao took out another ring from his pocket and slide it onto the girl's ring finger. "I'm already married to you."

Ning Xi looked at the ring on her finger. Apparently, it was a matching pair with the one on Lu Tingxiao's finger.


"Sorry, you were a little swollen back then. I was worried that it might block your blood flow, so I took the ring off you. As for our marriage certificate, they are with Little Treasure. He can only sleep with it nowadays, but I'll ask Little Treasure to let you look at it later."

What? What?

She knew all the words Lu Tingxiao had just uttered, but why did she not understand it when they were grouped together?

Ning Xi felt stupid at the moment. "W-wait! Wait! You mean... you... you're already married? And to me? We even got the certificates? How could I not know about it? Do I have amnesia?"

"On the third month of your coma, the doctor did another body check-up and said that you have almost no chance of waking up again. On that day, I proposed before your bed and made the necessary marriage arrangements," explained Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi was speechless.

So, she was really married to him?

Yet she was stupid enough to propose to him just now?!

No wonder Lu Tingxiao said he could not do it

Right, he had called her his wife after she woke up. She had not really been paying attention. Even Lu Jingli had been calling her "Sister-in-law" after she woke up as well

Ning Xi was overwhelmed at the moment.

She had brought him here to propose to him, and after the whole fuss, the person she proposed to was already her husband?

Was there anyone as unfortunate no... as lucky as her?

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