Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1803

Yan Ruyi picked her words carefully and told Ning Xi, "That woman was the same as you. She was an actress."

Ning Xi frowned slightly and started to understand why the two of them would have such a huge prejudice towards actresses.

"Actually, Little Treasure wasn't as cold as Tingxiao. Little Treasure was much more active. While he would sometimes go quiet and become focused when he saw something that interested him, most of the time he was pretty lively. Don't get me started on how sweet his tongue was"

Just as Yan Ruyi was narrating with a gentle expression, her face soon turned glum. "Although we've been protecting him well, Little Treasure matured much earlier than others. When he was a little older, he then realized he was different. He knew that he was different from other children as he didn't have a mother"

Ning Xi's heart clenched when she heard Yan Ruyi's words.

"Little Treasure kept on asking about it in the beginning. However, probably because we looked uneasy every time he asked, and with him being really observant, he stopped asking. But anyhow, he did mind.

"With Tingxiao's personality, he wasn't a person who'd take care of a child, plus at that time, he was really busy with work and frequently went overseas. The love Little Treasure received from his parents was very little."

Yan Ruyi let out a long sigh. "At this moment, that woman suddenly came up to us and said that she was Little Treasure's biological mother"

Ning Xi looked surprised. "Little Treasure's biological mother"

Yan Ruyi nodded. "Yes, that girl looked really pure and beautiful. She seemed pretty simple. She gave us a really detailed walkthrough of what had happened back then. She said that with her identity, she's surely not worthy of marrying into the Lu family, but if she kept the child, her career would be over. Out of choices, she sent Little Treasure to the Lu family. She said she really missed Little Treasure over the years, which was why she came to us.

"Little Treasure was so young and very protected by us. Being the kind child that he is, in addition to his desire to have a mother, he went head over heels for the girl at first sight.

"As for Tingxiao, he was really elusive about what happened that night. We did not dare to mention anything about it in front of him. Moreover, he didn't know who the girl was himself, so we asked Jingli.

"Jingli said that this girl was indeed one of the girls he arranged for Tingxiao. Since Little Treasure liked her so much and they got along well, we believed her words almost instantly!"

"Then... what happened?" Ning Xi felt like she could not take the suspense anymore as she thought about Little Treasure's experience.

Yan Ruyi closed her eyes as if she was in pain. "Afterwards... it was a nightmare! That girl was so skilled at acting and that she won us over in a short amount of time, especially Little Treasure!

"Little Treasure's grandfather and I were thinking that since Little Treasure liked her so much, her career and family status didn't matter. As long as Little Treasure liked her and she was from a clean family, it wasn't a problem for Tingxiao to marry her, even if Tingxiao didn't want to. We already planned to have her stay in the Lu family to keep Little Treasure company. Who'd have known that after some time, Tingxiao might change his mind?"

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