Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1804

Based on Yan Ruyi's tone, that girl seemed to have been a fake…

Ning Xi then asked, "Didn't you guys have the girl and Little Treasure do a DNA test?"

Yan Ruyi looked regretful when she heard Ning Xi's question. "We were too excited and happy, so we didn't doubt her at all. Little Treasure arrived that fateful night, and we never expected anyone to come and deceive us!

"Afterward, the girl was getting better and better with Little Treasure. We did think about having them do a DNA test before, but Little Treasure rejected us every time. Little Treasure would do anything for that woman!

"We were delighted to see Little Treasure happy, so we did things his way. We treated that woman pretty well too…"

"Didn't Tingxiao say something about this?" Ning Xi did not understand.

Yan Ruyi sighed, "Tingxiao was really mad about what happened. He couldn't care any less about this woman. He just reminded us to do a DNA test and didn't say anything else…

"What I regret the most was my blind trust towards that woman and never having bothered to confirm it…

"Only until Tingxiao came back and asked to see the DNA report, we thought about it and decided that it was safer to do the test as well, so we brought it up again.

"Little Treasure argued with us over this matter, but that woman calmed him down. She said it was alright and let the doctor take her blood obediently.

"We thought that we were overthinking and were being rude to the girl. We blamed Tingxiao for being cold. Not only did this hurt Little Treasure, it hurt the girl too…"

Yan Ruyi was reminded of something and her voice shuddered, "And then... on the night when we were waiting for the DNA test results, Little Treasure was kidnapped…"

The atmosphere became heavy all of a sudden.

It took a while for Yan Ruyi to calm down. "We then realized the girl was part of the plan of an old core member of the company who had been kicked out when he was found out to be misusing company funds! Although we were able to get there on time to stop the worst from happening and Little Treasure didn't get hurt, he was hurt by a person he trusted dearly. Ever since then, Little Treasure closed himself up completely…

"As for us, we didn't believe anyone easily anymore. We also forbid Jingli from getting too close with any of the artistes under him…"

Yan Ruyi then grabbed Ning Xi's hands tightly. "Xiao Xi, I'm sorry... What happened back then had a really huge impact on us. No matter who we saw, we just thought that they had bad intentions, especially you... You were much too similar to the woman back then…

"We hoped Tingxiao would find a suitable mother for Little Treasure, partly for the family. At least, we hoped that the same tragedy won't happen again. After that whole fiasco, there was a huge mess within the family. As everything added up, tragedy still struck…

"Until... until you used your life to wake us up, to walk out of the past shadows and prejudice…

"I know that we've done some irreversible damage. I don't expect you to accept terrible in-laws like us as long as you wake up, as long as you're safe with Tingxiao and Little Treasure!"

Tears welled up in Yan Ruyi's eyes as she took a bracelet off of her wrist. "This is a bracelet that's been handed down for generations. It's for the head lady of every generation. I'm passing it to you now, I hope... you'll accept it…"

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