Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1811

You'll realize you're still the rocking genius designer XZ

Still the king of the world

In the midst of waiting in the dark and his suffering, the girl's words were like a beam of light, chasing away all the darkness in his world. The shackles clamping onto his soul suddenly crumbled into nothing.

In the end, Ning Xi brought Gong Shangze into her house in Deer Town.

It was a tiny wooden house in the lush garden and it was a suitable place for Gong Shangze to stay.

Gong Shangze had fallen into a deep slumber after he reached. He did not leave the house for two days. Ning Xi checked up on him for a few times and was relieved to find that he was just sleeping.

On the third morning, Gong Shangze finally woke up. Compared to his usual headaches and grogginess upon waking, he felt really refreshed and relaxed.

After a while, he then remembered he had been brought there by his boss.

The young man looked around the house with the interesting design. He crawled out of bed slowly and went outside.

It was already night time when he came here with his boss, so he did not have the chance to look around. Gong Shangze was stunned when he stepped out of the house.

A picturesque lake was right in front of him with several deer drinking from it, and birds were flying across the lake.

Gong Shangze looked appreciatively at the mountain and the lake nearby. He took a deep breath, feeling like he was in heaven.

The girl was wearing a two-piece woolen outfit that was similar to what the little boy beside her wore too. The two of them were doing Five Animal Play Qigong with very synchronized movements. A man in casual clothes went next to the girl and wiped the sweat off her.

"That's all for now. Take a break," said Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi nodded, then she sat down on a swing nearby and then picked up the plump bunny beside her feet. She laughed. "How heavy! I didn't expect this bunny to still behere!"

"Little Treasure took really good care of it," said Lu Tingxiao.

Little Treasure went up to his mother with an alert sense of urgency when he saw his mother hugging and kissing the bunny.

He did not want to raise a rival for himself!

Ning Xi put the bunny downand dragged Little Treasure into her arms with a smile. She gave him a pat on the head. "You're amazing, Little Treasure!"

The bunny ran around after it was put down, but some time later it would return to Little Treasure and stay close by.

"Little Treasure, go into the house and get the ginseng soup from the table," Lu Tingxiao said.

Little Treasure nodded and ran inside the house.

Ning Xi then said, "I could've gone myself. Why did you ask Little Treasure..."

The man kissed her before she could finish his sentence. "I want to be alone with you for a while."

Ning Xi covered her blushing face. Oh, he was flirting again!

Gong Shangze was watching the lovely scene right in front of him, feeling like he had returned to the human realm. His dried up creativity suddenly flourished as a huge wave swiftly colored the entire place

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