Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1816

After some time, the incident where Jiang Muye had left the press conference of "The World" halfway and swore on Weibo gradually intensified.

Han Zixuan's fans quickly attacked Jiang Muye's Weibo, his official account, his manager's account, and even Glory World Entertainment's official account. They madly criticized Jiang Muye's unreasonable behavior because he swore as a public figure, and they wanted a proper apology for their Goddess Zixuan.

Most of Han Zixuan's fans were converted over from Ning Xi's fanbase. Back then, Ning Xi's fans were neck and neck with Jiang Muye's fans. In addition to the incitement this time, it was a great war and the Internet fell into chaos.

Jiang Muye's harshest criticism was that he had cursed, and towards a woman.

Under such circumstances, a lot of fans ignored the cause of it and did not care about it. They would just jump to the conclusion that Jiang Muye was rude and ungentlemanly. No matter what, he should not have done something like that to a girl.

Especially since most of the fans assumed that Jiang Muye and Han Zixuan were an item, this incident made Jiang Muye become labeled as trash.

Glory World Entertainment utilized their public relations team but their efforts were in vain. With the pressure from Starlight Entertainment, Jiang Muye's image went down the drain.

What made the situation worse was that Jiang Muye was not cooperative. They could not contact him at all after that day and whatever they did was useless.

At the CEO's office.

Yi Xudong slammed the table in front of him loudly and he started scolding Liang Feixing angrily, "Liang Feixing, what the heck is wrong with you? How did a simple matter escalate like this? You can't even settle such a tiny matter! And you dare call yourself the God Maker in the industry? Pack your things and go back to your hometown! Trash!"

Liang Feixing sat on the sofa with an indifferent attitude as he faced Yi Xudong's rage. He said, "I can't do much on my own, you know. The whole PR team has left. Are you expecting me to get help out of nowhere?

"Oh right, CEO Yi, I forgot to tell you that Starlight called me just now. They wanted me to go over, and the annual salary they offered is three times what you're paying me right now. Do you think I should go, or I should really go?"

If it had not been for the Big Boss, and his knowledge about Ning Xi's relationship with him, he would never have stayed under this idiot Yi Xudong!

Second Master had just left not very long ago, and this guy was starting to act big, taking advantage of his own artistes, and forcing Ling Zhizhi away. Fueled by a whole lot of incidents including trusting rumors and making wrong decisions, he was the one who had made Glory World fall to this state.

Yi Xudong remained silent, not daring to say anything to him now.

If Liang Feixing left, then Glory World would be really over…

Yi Xudong's inner rage had nowhere to go, yet he did not dare to yell at Liang Feixing again. He turned to Lei Ming who kept quiet in the corner. "And you, Lei Ming! You're the one responsible for this whole incident. As Jiang Muye's manager, I ordered you to look after him, but just what are you doing?

"How can you let him post such a status on Weibo under the current sensitive situation?! Why don't you get him to explain himself? You said that you've managed to convince Jiang Muye, and this is the result?"

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