Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1820

Late at night, Ning Xi woke up from tossing and turning.

Every single word from Zhuang Keer still lingered in her mind.

She kissed baby Little Treasure on his cheek, then she lightly crossed over Lu Tingxiao. She got down from the bed and walked towards the study room.

She sat in front of the study desk for a long time and finally switched on the computer.

After she decided to retire, apart from what she heard from Lu Jingli, she did not pay attention to any other news online.

She started the search engine and stared blankly at the display screen for a while. Moments later, she gently typed in the words "Ning Xi retirement".

She had just clicked on the "enter" button when a flood of related news appeared. They were basically all old news from one year ago.

There were fans who had raised banners in support to express that they would wait for her return, while some did demonstrations and protests in front of Glory World Entertainment's entrance. Her absence at all sorts of huge award ceremonies raised huge controversy.

All of the headlines, all of them were about her...

With the passing of time, her name started to appear lesser and lesser. She was gradually replaced by Han Zixuan and numerous newbies until she had vanished without a trace in the entertainment industry.

Ding! On the right bottom corner, a hot topic entertainment news suddenly popped up. It seemed to mention Jiang Muye's name.

Ning Xi took a look and casually clicked on it.

Then, she saw a striking and enlarged headline: "Fans Unite To Petition In Protest: Jiang Muye Get Lost From The Entertainment Industry!"

What happened?

Ning Xi's expression instantly changed and she took a closer look at the article.

She realized that it was coincidentally related to Han Zixuan again.

Jiang Muye had publicly cussed and insulted her on Weibo, even insulting her mother...

"F*ck your mother..."

Ning Xi read the Weibo post and her brows furrowed. Even if Jiang Muye was impulsive, he probably would not have used such aggressive language towards a woman.

Ning Xi started to investigate the matter in detail.

It turned out that she already knew about the cause of this incident too. It was exactly that scandal revolving around Jiang Muye and Han Zixuan that she had seen in the newspaper at the little stall in Deer Town when she had just woken up.

Initially, Jiang Muye seemed to have not thought about caring. After all, there were too many female artistes who leeched off his popularity.

Ning Xi had guessed that that picture was probably a photo taken during production or something like that. When the production could be publicly announced, things would settle down after they clarified.

Unfortunately, the matter had suddenly gone out of control at the press conference of "The World".

Jiang Muye suddenly left halfway and had posted that Weibo without any warning.

Ning Xi looked closely at what happened during the press conference.

Then, she found a video.

In the video, Han Zixuan's manager was righteously responding to a reporter's question...

Zheng Anru responded, "Since Zixuan started her career, she has experienced many malicious slanders. Also, because her appearance is outstanding, she's also been compared to many other female stars who are just pretty and have no substance...

"Zixuan can't be placed on par with a sub-standard person who uses her face and body to make it to the top. This is an insult to Zixuan!

"Here, I'd like to solemnly state to all the media that I hope everyone won't ask such insulting questions in the future! Don't mention Zixuan's name and compare her to some unbearable people with poor moral conduct!"


When Zheng Anru said these words, Jiang Muye's expression was hidden in the shadows and could not be seen clearly. He kept playing with his phone absent-mindedly.

Yet, in the instant that Zheng Anru finished, Jiang Muye slowly stood up and started to leave without saying a word.

After that, the entire venue turned into chaos.

Jiang Muye had posted that cursing Weibo right at that moment.

Ning Xi watched the video, studying the way Jiang Muye's arrogant and ice-cold face in that video was mocking everyone, the way his leaving silhouette was unbridled without even looking back. She sighed softly and revealed a helpless smile...

This guy...

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