Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1822

"N-Ning Xi"

Liang Feixing's eyes widened when he saw who the woman was. He felt as if a thunderbolt had just struck him.

He gaped in disbelief at the woman who had vanished for a year, not just because of the shock, but also because of her current aura.

Back then, Ning Xi was enough to attract the spotlight all to herself, and currently, this woman in front of him felt like time had reversed for her. Not only did her appearance not seem any duller, but she even had a more dignified presence now.

Liang Feixing could not imagine what everyone's expression would be when they saw her, especially the anti-fans who were guessing Ning Xi had gone through a botched plastic surgery, or that her body size had spiraled out of control.

He could not imagine how much of an impact it would be if Ning Xi reappeared in front of the public again!

The whole entertainment industry would turn around for her sake.

As long as she was willing to

She was born to be the king of the world

The chatterbox Liang Feixing suddenly became mute at the moment as he was in shock and could not believe what was happening.

At this moment, he saw a low-profile ring on the woman's finger

He then looked at the Big Boss. As expected, he saw the same design... Wedding rings!

What the heck!?

Did they get married?

Although he knew about their relationship long ago, he was still taken aback little.

Oh, his Boss, his queen, they really were married

Damn, if this got into the news, it would surely make the whole entertainment industry explode!

He thought about those who said that Ning Xi had become a mistress to some rich old man, or had gotten pregnant by accident.

She's become a true winner in life, you foolish mortals!

"L-Lady boss! Long time no see... Long time indeed." After a long time, Liang Feixing finally regained his ability to speak normally again.

Lu Tingxiao was a little unhappy when Liang Feixing stared at Ning Xi, but his expression softened when he called her 'Lady Boss'. "Xiao Xi is looking for you."

"Ah... Lady Boss, you're looking for me? What do you need to see me about?" Liang Feixing's expression became even more anxious.

Ning Xi comforted, "Don't be so nervous, Director Liang, it isn't a big deal. Sit down and have some tea."

"O-Okay" Liang Feixing sat down and took a sip of the flower tea.

"Director Liang, I called you here today because... I want to come out of retirement," said Ning Xi.

Liang Feixing spit out the tea and coughed profusely. "W-What! No... Lady Boss, what did you say just now?"

"I said I want to come out of retirement," Ning Xi repeated herself as a smile lit up her angelic face.

Liang Feixing could not say anything.

What did he just hear!?

Ning Xi wanted to come back?

How was that not a big deal?!

But how was it possible? Ning Xi had everything now, she had made it to the top of the industry, and married someone like Lu Tingxiao, so what else could she be looking for? Why would she want to come back out from retirement?

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