Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1824

Because of the so-called "physical strength" or lack thereof, they did not manage to finish their wedding night business.

Ning Xi had secretly set her mind on increasing her recuperation pace. It was more reliable if she strived towards it.

Last night, they had already reached that extent, but Lu Tingxiao had actually held himself back when he saw that she physically could not endure it.

It was not sure whether it was just her illusion, but sometimes she really felt thatin this aspect, Lu Tingxiao seemed to be a little too careful with her.

However, the feeling of being respected and treasured still moved her every time.

If that person were not him, she would probably never have such intimate encounters with a man ever in this lifetime.


The next day, Liang Feixingpersonally drove over to pick her early in the morning.

Before they left, to avoid any trouble, Ning Xi temporarily took off her wedding ring and put it on a silver necklace to wear around her neck.

"Uhh, Lady Boss, well... Bro Xu's state hasn't been great recently... Later on, when you see him, don't be too shocked..." Liang Feixing gave Ning Xi a warning beforehand. He was slightly worried that when Ning Xi saw Xu Tao's wretched look, she would change her mind.

As a friend, he obviously hoped that Xu Tao could grab this sole opportunity of making a comeback.

"No worries." Ning Xi looked like she did not mind.

After a half an hour journey, the two of them stopped in front of an out-of-date apartment in a cramped environment.

"To promote the newbies under him, Bro Xu sold off all of his assets. He rented this place by himself here. When he finally helped them debut, who would've thought that the two of them would run off without a word and even make a false countercharge against him? Bro Xu has been dejected about this. He's been getting drunk every day and a few days ago, he was even slapped in public by an assistant at the bar, probablymaking his mood worse..."

Liang Feixing sighed as he carefully led Ning Xi upstairs.

The two of them had just reached the door when they saw that things were being thrown out of the house continuously. Then, they heard a shrill, harsh voice from inside. "Pah, you shameless and stinky alcoholic! What gold manager? And even the big stars, Liu Xiaorou and Yin Youyou, were managed by you? A gold manager with your revolting behavior? I'm telling you if you still don't pay up your rent tomorrow, get lost!"

After a series of crashes and bangs, the plump female landlord in a sleeping gown walked out from the house in an overbearing manner. When she saw the extraordinarily well-mannered man at the door and thewoman in sunglasses beside him, she paused for a moment, then she curiously turned to look at the two of them a few more times before leaving and muttering to herself...

"Cough, Lady Boss, apologies! Slow down! This way!" Liang Feixing did not think that the reality would be worse than he had imagined. He carefully kicked the junk by his feet awayand led Ning Xi into the house.

Once they entered, there was the pungent stench of alcohol. All of the things in the house were smashed and the place was a mess while Xu Tao himself was like mud as he lay unconsciously on the pile of junk.

Liang Feixing pinched his nose and reached out with his leg to kicked Xu Tao's shin. "Old Xu! Quickly wake up and see! See who has come!"

Xu Tao impatiently waved the bottle of alcohol in his hand. "Go away... All of you, get lost... Even if the emperor's father has come... I don't care to meet..."

Liang Feixing looked awkwardly towards Ning Xi beside him. He was so anxious that he snatched the bottle in Xu Tao's hand and threw it away. "Look properly. Ning Xi, it's Ning Xi who's returned! She wants to hire you to be her manager!"

When he heard the name Ning Xi, Xu Tao was stunned for an instant, then he giggled until his tears fell. "Ha... hahaha... Liang, why are you even drunker than I am? Ning Xi's returned... Ning Xi wants to hire me to be her manager... haha... If Ning Xi's returned, I'll let you manage me!"

Liang Feixing replied, "Thanks, but I'm not interested in you!"

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