Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1827

"Director, well... Mr... Mr. Xu is here" The assistant looked at Liu Xiaorou and Cheng Yibin, and said hesitantly.

"Xu Tao?" Parker frowned.

Liu Xiaorou and Cheng Yibin glanced at each other and frowned as well.


"What's he doing here?" Parker asked.

The assistant coughed awkwardly and replied, "He said... he's here to sign the contract"

Before Parker could reply, Cheng Yibin laughed. "Sign the contract? Who did he bring to sign the contract?"

"I saw that he's brought a female artiste here," the assistant replied.

"A female artiste? Who?" Liu Xiaorou tried asking.

He did not remember anyone outstanding under Xu Tao.

"She was wearing a mask and a pair of sunglasses. It might be a newcomer under him," the assistant guessed.

Cheng Yibin looked angry. "This drunkard must be crazy! He just brought someone here randomly and said he wants to sign the contract? Who does he think he is?"

Liu Xiaorou put on a somber cast. "Bro Tao is probably still unhappy that I left"

Cheng Yibin's expression darkened. "Unhappy? Should he feel unhappy? Xiaorou is such an extraordinary talent that should've bloomed a long time ago. Had she come to us Starlight earlier, she didn't need to suffer and waste her time there!"

Liu Xiaorou pouted and seemed slightly bitter as well.

Because of Cheng Yibin's brainwashing, she kept assuming that she was where she was today all because of her own capabilities. She was determined that Xu Tao and Glory World had been pulling her leg. She never thought that was it not for Xu Tao, she never wouldhave been exposed at all.

Parker was really upset with Xu Tao's behaviour. He said with a darkened expression, "Ask him to leave. Tell him that I've decided to sign the contract with Ms. Liu."

"Okay." The assistant nodded, but because Xu Tao had handed him a big red packet just now, he casually added another remark, "Right, Director, Mr. Xu asked me to send you a message. He said"

"What did he say?" Parker asked.

"He said if you insist on signing the contract with Ms. Liu, you'll lose the only chance to surpass SS," the assistant replied.

Parker's expression changed as soon as he heard his assistant.

Being international brands together, SS was YLD's largest competitor in the country. Their sales were always below SS's every year. As the director of the Chineseregion, he was criticized harshly every time in the regional meeting, and he had also been ordered to surpass SS this year.

Unfortunately, the ambassador SS had this year was the popular female star, Han Zixuan. No matter what, he could not find another one to topple her, so Xu Tao had convinced him to go for another direction and they picked Liu Xiaorou.

However, Xu Tao, who had convinced him back then, was now telling him that if he signed the contract with Liu Xiaorou, he would miss his only chance at surpassing SS. What irony!

Cheng Yibin quickly said something when he noticed that Parker's expression was not right. "Director Parker, please don't listen to that guy's nonsense! He just has nothing to lose and is trying to trick you! What does he mean by losing the only chance to surpass SS? Is he saying that signing the contract with him would mean you could surpass SS? Nonsense!"

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