Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1834

At Garden Tower, Deer Town.

Ning Xi lay down on the sofa after she went back home. Lu Tingxiao massaged her legs. "Tired?"

Ning Xi narrowed her eyes like a comfortable kitten. "Nope, I just went to talk about an endorsement today. I didn't really do or say anything, then we were done!"

Lu Tingxiao laughed. "As expected of my wife."

"Hehe, of course! Whose wife do you think I am?" A certain someone did not forget about her darling when praising herself.

Lu Tingxiao loved her liveliness. He kissed her forehead and brought her the cooled soup from the table.

"Didn't I drink it just now? What's this?" Ning Xi frowned.

"My mother made it for you."

"Darling, can we talk about this? Don't let her make me anymore soup. Look at my tummy! It's showing" Ning Xi pouted and rubbed her flat belly exaggeratively.

Lu Tingxiao said gently, "I only took a small bowl for you and I left the rest to Jingli."

Ning Xi giggled. "You're his real brother, alright"

A certain koi fish with a full stomach was thinking that he must be a fake little brother!

Lu Tingxiao spooned soup to his wife contentedly. "You need me to find Jiang Muye for you?"

He knew that Ning Xi was really worried about Jiang Muye's condition.

Ning Xi's fox-like eyes rolled. "It's alright. The blondie will come out on his own."

After finishing the soup, Ning Xi got off the sofa and leaped forth. "I'm going to stop here and try my best to exercise!"

Lu Tingxiao frowned. "Didn't you say you won't tire yourself out after coming back out of retirement?"

Ning Xi blinked her eyes. "Who told you that it's for my career? It's all for you!"

"For me?" Lu Tingxiao was dumbfounded.

"Right, to push you down! You said that my stamina is bad!" Ning Xi then ran away swiftly, obviously bothered by what had happened that night.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

She actually did not have to push him down. He could... cooperate

In the following two days, Ning Xi was quiet after taking on the endorsement.

While Liu Xiaorou was shocked at Ning Xi's appearance the other day, she did not tell anyone because she was not sure what was happening. Moreover, there was no merit for her to tell anyone. Nevertheless, she had been scared and hoped that things were like what she imagined, praying that there might be some sort of misunderstanding.

After losing the YLD endorsement, she had been trying to get on Cheng Yibin's good side and hoped he would get her some other endorsements or opportunities. She was desperate to establish herself in Starlight.

In the end, after Cheng Yibin received countless benefits from her, he finally agreed to make some connections for her. He brought her to drink with a 60-year-old man alone at night

It was obvious what the intention was!

That old man was just a senior management staff in a lesser known brand.

She suddenly remembered that Xu Tao had once told her when he was drunk that he would rather sell his own body rather than let them be defiled by someone else

"In the future, you'll have many opportunities to find out who you've betrayed and what you've lost today."

She did not expect for Ning Xi's words to come true so quickly

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